Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My initial enthusiasm didn't survive the week's work's dead and I am making a vane attempt to post cause I have to. Sometimes, writing both inside and outside office can drain out lot of creative juices. As the blog name suggests I thought I would begin the series with a post on pearl earring .Unfortunately, I don't own any.... so, I went into my room and searched through my jewelery box ,repeatedly muttering the word "PEARL" .Viola!!!!after 15 minutes of search,all off a sudden I knew, which picture would compliment this post. Lets get over the fact that the image isn't really a real pearl but , in reality just a white bead.Still.....

The earring is a thrift purchase from Big Baazar, Kovai. I so love its shape, also its my first choice of accessory with white chudidhar. The antique finish and small beads in the center portion add to its charm.


FashionPhD said...

i absolutely LOVE pearl earings thus love ur blog title too :D

Thripti Aravind said...

Thank you FashionPhD :)

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