The Indian Job

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I love my job, this was not the sentiment few months back. I would return from work frumpy, frustrated and absolutely hating the fact that I have to wake up, get ready for the battle next day and go to a place I hate the most:OFFICE.
What is your official earring style?studs, hoops,simple, understated,bold, loud ya elegant?Mine would be a mix of all these and days when I go loud(which by the way happens quite a lot) I get lots of stares. I walk through the corridor dodging evil eyes. Most of the people just don't accept me and my earrings the way we are. This is something that I wore to office last day.

I like how silver clashes with the bright red of the beads.

Do you think it's too big and loud for a corporate environment?


beingFab said...

Well, that depends upon how 'corporate' it is :-). I would probably wear them on a Friday with my red fabindia kurta and jeans, but that's just me :-)

Swarnali said...

this piece is my favorite of the lot...simply gorgeous...

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