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Sunday, August 14, 2011

OMG (Oh My Gold) in TLC featured Cochin in one of their episodes of the series.We Keralites have an obsession with Gold. Even after Gold prices touched 19,700 Rupees per sovereign ,the jewelery shops are still having a big haul. One of my cousin came back wide mouthed from her gold purchase and exclaimed"Bhima(Famous jewelers down south) is so full that I couldn't keep both my feet in same in a manageable radius. ". According to her, the shop was hustling bustling with people and please please do consider the fact that it's pretty inauspicious month for marriages, so its actually off-season and people fear that next month, gold prices will cross 20,000.Gold is an integral part of any weddings down south and in my place, parents are expected to give their daughters minimum hundred sovereigns of GOLD. Please close your mouth for a while, we don't encourage dowry system and in most educated families the guy's families don't put forward any demands. The girl apart from having equal share on ancestral property also get Gold and for most parents it's a safe investment. I will feature traditional Kerala jewelery pieces in one of my later posts.

This particular earring is not a gold earring, but is gold silver coated earring. The beauty she is but, little heavy to carry around.

Happy independence day !!!


beingFab said...

Pretty earrings!! I guess the high prices of gold have increased its radiance!!

Thripti Aravind said...

Nothing can match the radiance of GOLD I think.....but, with the sky high prices of gold in mind surely it does :)

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