Studs, Studs and more Studs

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Have been sporting the same ol same ol small ring for 2 weeks straight. Why you may ask....I feel that I don't have enough earrings in my box. Now before you roll your eyes and give me a WTH expression let me explain. I am mightily uninspired to dress up, specifically after the work wear code came into place. I have not met with any warnings as of yet for wearing danglers, that's like 2 time in whole month. There is no point in rummaging through my box to find a work wear as I know it clearly: I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH STUDS!!!!. So, today I went out with my colleague cum friend Laks, to do some earring shopping ( No nO that was just part of the agenda). We halted at my newly discovered love, this small boutique in Convent Junction. I had made it a point to shop only what's there in my list, usually I end up buying whole lot of unnecessary stuff. I bought the following studs:

A simple black stud

A white stone stud

Black stud and white stone stud

Silver stud, I remember having a similar one in my box long long ago and I abused it to an extend that silver was not silver anymore but bronzish.

Silver stud

Finally my favourite, a red rose stud

Pretty rose stud

Now, let’s move to ring section, shall we?
I have 4 piercing each on one ear and the second one is a semi-ring, I don't want it to be drowned under all those studs, so bought few rings to add some drama.

Basic silver ring

Silver ring

Basic gold ring

Gold ring

This earring ate up a major chunk of bill, pretty but costly may be cause the stones.

The costly loot

And something I bought cause I loved it, silver and gold mixed hoop. What not 2 love.

Love Love Love

 The loot inside my mini stud box.

N hey on a totally unrelated post, I saw an envelope clutch/sling in the store I shopped at. I was completely surprised...I mean, envelope clutches are in rage right now, and one cannot buy without shelling out some 1-2K. Cochin is moving fashion forward and that’s great news. This store keeper told me that the clutch costs around 500 rps. At that cost, the clutch is a complete grab. I just stood there and reasoned myself whether I have to add this to my wardrobe :The answer is simple :I may not wear it all, and like some pieces in my wardrobe, this too will lie there forgotten. Why waste 500 rps? on a second thought, should I get it? What do you guys think?.


Swarnali said...

Get the clutch!!! :D
I have all of them(being a typical stud and ring person that I am!!) except the hoola hoops,the rose one in Blue :)

Thripti Aravind said...

Your wish is my command...:P

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