Monday, February 6, 2012

I gotta admit my latest crush, A-J-Store an online store that sells fashionable, light on purse apparels. I stumbled upon this store quite accidentally and after that there is no looking back on my bank balance. I am one among many of theirs returning customers. I must have shopped 7-8 times and let me assure you guys that the dresses is worth every penny you pay. Most of the items are priced between 200-1000 (Quite affordable) and also you get really chic dresses. I bought few items from their 11th collection and my courier landed today. I can't even let you guys know how super happy I am on my latest purchases. This time I chose to be wise and picked up pieces I can wear on a regular basis. 

How: The fashionable shop owner, Aien Jamir who blogs at Fashion & I announces stock updates a day prior on her store FB page. All you have to do is to have patience and wait until the next day for stock to be updated. You have to be real quick and wait prior to the announced time. If you like something from the collection comment "BOOK" right below the image and once your cart is full just mail the item codes to Aien at effortlesstrendz@gmail.com . She will guide you from there. You have to pay a small shipping  (For me, Aien ships via DTDC) but that's negligible compared to the great bargains you get.  Most of the pieces are a single piece but, don't shy away from commenting. If you are lucky you may be able to grab another one (I have had that experience). The money transaction is through online payment so you can deep sigh and relax.

Cons: You have to be real quick, before you know it someone else might have commented "BOOK". 

Pros: Affordable fashion. If you are in the second person in line for  the dress, and if the booking by first  person gets canceled Aien will mail you asking whether you are interested in the piece. The packaging is sturdy , each of the dress items separately covered in plastic covers.

My take: Have already shopped nearly 17-18 items from their collection. Do I need to speak more?. I guess most of the pieces are export surplus cause, I have received dress with ZARA and ASOS tags on. The items are non-damaged and non-used so, all those I am still unsure type of buyers please relax and erase of those doubts from your heart .

My package: I am only showcasing my recent buys, the one which I received today.

Cost: Rs.400

See the cute bird print?. Loving the coral top with the light ruffles at the sleeve ends and top portion. Wearable piece.


Love love love this pale pink  sequence top. When I picked it up I actually thought the middle portion was lace or maybe the images gave an illusion of lace . When I received my package and saw sequence I was bowled. Makes up for a party wear.(Thinking of pairing it up with red skinnies, but I don't have red skinnies:P)


My pink tulle skirt with little stars. Not something I can wear on a daily basis in Cochin but hell to the gossip mongers...love the cute stars. Reminds me of ballerinas and their striking poses.


 My tangerine shirt dress. Translucent, full sleeved and free sized, I have to wear it with a belt but, nevertheless the dress had me at its color and see the cute bird print...Love it!!!

Last but least the sweater was on sale, yellow and dirt cheap so had to get it. Cochin is burning even in Feb, but soon I will be shifting to Bangalore and the winter there is chilly if not snowy. I may need some woolen wear to keep me warm. The hook is a disguised pin, which if you fancy can leave as it is.


If you guys think that this is a big haul, wait until next week when I get package 2. Those are few items from Collection 12. Hope on to A-J-Store, and shop to you hearts content.

PS:- Sorry about the picture quality. I am using my phone cam.
PSS:- I have requested Aien if I can reuse some of her pics, that she has put in her blog (She is a model too). Once I receive the same will let you guys show you those pics so that you can get a better idea on how the dresses look like captured with a good camera.

Updated:Better Images from A-J-Store

Images credit:A-J-Store


Sayantani Saha said...

I know..her store is very affordable. But I am such a late kate..by the time I book something, its soldout!
But I bought two long shorts fom her last year and they are fab!

thechicdairy said...

i love her shop too...but sadly i am always late.!! very nice review :)

following you:) check out mine too.


beingFab said...

I didn't know about her store before you mentioned it!! Really cool stuff and unbelievable rates!! Since you say the quality is good, I think I'll go ahead and try booking some pretty stuff!

Purvi said...

wow! this haul looks like a real deal, such prettiness at such low prices...amazing :)

Swarnali said...

Every time I find stuff at AJ,that I can buy,its already booked :(

Vanu said...

amazing!! i luvd ur sequins top and dat sweater for 200 bucks is suchha steal, gal!!

whatta haul!!!

Thripti Aravind said...

@SAYANTANI SAHA true...love their stuff...effortless trend it is...

Thripti Aravind said...

@thechicdairy one has to be real quick, I always block my calender in advance during her stock updates:P. Following you...

Thripti Aravind said...

@beingFab The quality is good for the amount you pay, but you have to be real quick in ordering..

Thripti Aravind said...

@Purvi Yes it is:)

Thripti Aravind said...

@Swarnali most of the times, the pieces are something I wouldn't be able to wear in kerala but, fashion wise they are replicas of major brands....You have to book real fast

Thripti Aravind said...

@Vanu The sweater was a late buy, the poor one was feeling lonely as no one had booked it even after days. I finally took the yellow sweater home...I am yet to receive my package 2:)

thePURPLEspirit said...

Wow! Always love discovering new stores... And this one sounds right up my alley... :)

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