Babushka pendant

Sunday, August 5, 2012

This Russian babushka doll pendant long chain was something I  bought from Malaysia. We were taking a stroll at pavilion mall in KL, suddenly I saw some ladies carrying yellow bag *you have to give thumps up to my observation power*. I was shrieking in excitement, instantly my hubby knew what I was up to "You have some stupid store here in this mall right?". Yes!!! I  shrieked a little more loudly and went running to the ladies and asked em if they have a F21 store there. They directed me to the store. On seeing the accessories section I was running around touching and feeling everything that I had seen in their website. Even the prices were fair, that is even after conversations. I bought this babushka doll pendant though my darling hubby didn't quite approve. His reasoning "Will you wear it with you thalli malla (mangalsuthra)". "Yes yes yes ", I muttered and finally Mr.G gave in. 


Sonshu said...

OMG. It is so pretty. Babushka pendant! (:

Love it


New post is up!

beingFab said...

So cute!!!! A lot of my friends also had that problem, wearing fashion neckpieces along with their thaalis :-). Please do an outfit post accessorizing with both neckpieces, I'm sure many others will be inspired :-)

My Unfinished Life said...

super cute!!!

Swarnali said...

That necklace is soooooooo adorable... <3

Namitha Kashyap said...

Will you wear it with your mangalsutra :D
This is such a cute pendant, me wants! ^_^ so so adorable Opal, just like you ^_^
Namita <3

PAPS said...

Yes out of all the malls Pavilion and the Suria were the best. Love the Pendant.

J'aime le Panda said...

so lovely <3

Thripti Aravind said...

@Sonshu Thanks dear
@beingFab It looks really really weird wearing both, but I can't seems to get over old ways...
@hooting star Thanks:)
@Swarnali How I wished I could loot the entire F21 store
@Life is a fairytale Thanks Nami dear...I have a small issue with the length though
@PAPS I loved the malls in KL:)
@Uruj Welcome back
@-Awi- Thank you:)

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