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Thursday, September 13, 2012

One small conversation sparked a chain reaction and here I am typing away my fears. Are we too brand conscious?.

Two years back when I moved in from Cochin, a small town to Bangalore I didn't expect the multi cultural city would stir up my style gene. I didn't even believe I had one, not after I got through whole of engineering in 3 pair of clothes.

Bangalore opened a whole lot of shopping opportunities for me and my monthly shopping included a self pampering session at Lifestyle and Pantaloons.

Things changed in 1 year. I was introduced to fashion blogging and it's myriad world of colors and trends. Everyone and anyone was sporting a ZARA or MANGO. Slowly, I was sucked into the world of brands.

I would open the brand site and go through their catalog dreamy eyed. I made a mental note of what goes well with what. I even subscribed their news letter. By 6 months I was a walking, talking and eating encyclopedia of brands.

I could talk on and off about my high street brands. Most of my first timer friends were amazed by my in depth knowledge about brands. Aldo, Promod, Accessorize, Zara, Mango, M& S, Steve madden, Charles and keith these were the words  I preached.

All of a sudden, lifestyle was not cool anymore. I would walk into a lifestyle store and return back empty handed where as that was not the case with a branded showroom. I would pick up a 800 rps tee and swoon over it, yes the very same tee which I had not even given a second thought about when marked at 300 at lifestyle. Most of the higher brand clothes are exaggeratedly priced. If it was 2 years back I would have asked " Aree who will pay so much for a piece of cloth". Today I would, you would because we all are slaves of brands. We think sporting a brand boosts our confidence. Boasting of my recent purchase from brand 'X', 'Y' and 'Z' is cool. Last day when I went to Mango, I picked up a cute top for 900, but my husby stopped me from billing it cause he felt it was overpriced. Some people do tell me, that the quality is what they look out for, let me tell you even Lifestyle and Pantaloons are known for their quality products. Anyways, we all are gonna throw the clothing out when we outgrow/the piece goes out of style/get bored of it.

Just a simple question: Are we too influenced by the media and fashion blogging as such?

And now for the earrings:Nothing fancy,I love how the earring lifts up my style quotient by a notch:)


deeps said...

with time a lot of things change ha?

beingFab said...

Well I agree with you, a lot of stuff from high street brands are way overpriced. Even when you consider the fit, since everyone's body is different, you will have to consider the possibility of alteration whatever the brand.

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