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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Makeup is not acceptable in most corporate environments, but that doesn't mean that a girl must stop looking pretty, right!!. Touching up or blotting should be minimized to once or twice a day. Running to the restroom every 1 hour to check on your makeup will have it's side effects in the next appraisal ;) and you would want to grab those eyeballs for the appreciation certificates hanging on your work-board and not the eye blinding effect your ruby-woo lipstick is spreading.

Well, these are some of my regular-non-fuzzy essentials for a well put and low maintenance office look:

  • Sunscreen +Moisturizer: An absolute must. It took me 26 years to understand the damage Mr. Sun had done to my skin. I use a physician prescribed SPF 50++ sunscreen by PhotoBloc. I have a dehydrated + dry/normal skin type and my moisturizer is by Olay. 
           Note: If you have oily skin, skip the moisturizer step. Apply Primer instead, I don't use primer (coz I am too lazy + my skin doesn't produce much shine). If you have oily skin, I would suggest that you do apply a dollop of primer on your oily zone.
  • Foundation: I prefer a low coverage foundation. I use MAC Face and Body or Inglot YSM foundation and buff it in using my Real Techniques brush. This allows the skin to shine through. If you are not a fan of liquid foundation, go in for a pressed foundation or compact. One pet peeve of mine is the foundation shade. Ensure you choose the right shade so that you don't end up looking like a ghost.
  • Blush: When I don't want my face to look flat, I apply a neutral shade of blush really lighthandedly using my Vega blush brush. I am an NC 42-43.5 girl in MAC and L'oreal True Match blush in Rosewood is a favorite of mine.
  • Eyes: This is where it gets interesting, I use a Maybelline Colossal kajal or L'oreal gel liner on upper and lower lashes and slightly wing out my liner. I apply a pop of color on my lower lashes to keep things interesting. Lately I have been loving the new Maybelline Colossal kajal in Turquoise.
  • Lips: I go in for mostly neutral lips or bold lips (occasionally). MAC Mocha , Fastplay, and Creme in your coffee is some of my favorites.

That's it!! my simple and effective office makeup. Let me know your daily- office wear makeup essentials.
Eyes: Maybelline eye studio in Grey/silver

Eyes: Maybelline colossal in Black and Turquoise


Pooja Mittal said...

Nice office wear makeup tips, u lucky u dint have oily skin
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Unknown said...

You're gorgeous!

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