Saturday, June 21, 2014

A little haul to keep you guys occupied before I can come out of my hibernation mode. I love watching haul videos, swooning over pretty things and in the end, letting my poor wallet suffer. I have been watching a lot of YouTube nowadays, or so will my hubby say. Well, I do agree to that allegation. I have seen most of the YouTube gurus 'obsessing' over Milani baked blushes. Also, my Instagram was flooded with pretty pics of the gold embossed face powder. When I found the Milani beauties at, I immediately gabbed them. 

I bought Milani baked blushes in Rose'Doro and Luminoso. Rose'Doro is a pretty deep warm pink color with golden veins running through it whereas, Luminoso is a peachy baked blush with tiny golden flecks that adds the right amount of luminescence to my face.

As for the 'illuminating' face powder, I bought the darkest of the lot named Hermosa Rose. There are two more shades available: Amber Nectar and Beauty's Touch. The Milani illuminating face powders can multi-task as a highlighter, blush, and bronzer based on your complexion. The powder has pretty roses engraved on them which makes them a collectors item. The blushes cost me 8 dollars each and the face powder, 9 dollars.

As for the cherryculture service, I was quite happy. Placed my order on 24th May, received a confirmation mail on 26th May and received my package on 10th June . The only cons regarding the site would be the unavailability of variety of brands and high shipping charges. I shelled out around 13 Dollars (Rs.780 ) for shipping. Luckily I didn't had to pay additional Customs duty.

While I was doing my bit of research over the best brushes available in International market that ships to India, I stumbled across the brand Makeup Geek, which is the brain child of the beauty blogger Marlena . Makeup Geek eye shadows are famous within the YouTube beauty community. What most people don't know is that Makeup Geek has a brush line which is often compared to Sigma and MAC brushes, some of them are as good as the high-end ones. They ship to India at a very nominal rate of 6 dollars (Rs.360) !!!you heard it right 6 dollars.

I bought Foundation Stippling brush ($18) and Angled Contour brush ($9). I placed my order on 24th May, received confirmation mail on 31st May and I received my package on 8th June . First impression: awesome brushes for the price. I will be writing a detailed post on the makeup brush shopping sites available. I didn't pay customs duty for this package either.

I have a real techniques brush package pending. I had placed an order with their official site because of low shipping charges, but little did I know that they would take eternity  to send out a confirmation mail (I have not received it up until now). That wraps my haul for this month. I'm eyeing the L'oreal moist matte lippy, but don't have the heart to shell out 900 bucks for a drugstore brand. So what do you guys think about my mini haul. What did you guys haul this month.


beingFab said...

Looks like you've become quite the beauty expert now!! I'm struggling here since nearly every website has stopped shipping to Kerala!! It's so frustrating :(

Unknown said...

Oh! Oh! How are the blushes? :D

Also! You have to try the MakeupGeek eyeshadows! They are the besttt. Especially the Mattes!
I've been wanting the brushes, waiting for your review!

Thripti Aravind said...

@beingFab yeah...I'm more into makeup and learning about makeup nowadays. Is it so, never had to face much issues with shipping to Cochin at least.

Thripti Aravind said...

@shlaya92 blushes are amazing, particularly Luminoso...I've heard so much about MakeupGeek shadows, might try someday. They have also come out with some amazing blushes this season. Do check it out. I'm waiting for my RT stippling brush to arrive so that I can do a comparison post.

Brown Girl Makeup Musings said...

I love Luminoso! It's just so amazing. You have to try Bella Rosa - so beautiful, and such an amazing formula!

What do you think of the makeupgeek brushes? I've been hesitant about them for quite some time.

Thripti Aravind said...

@Aditi Next up is Bella Rose, I am amazed by the quality of Milani Blushes. Makup Geek stippling brush is AMAZING, the contour brush, not so much. Most of their brushes are OOS. I have read some pretty amazing reviews on their eye shadow brushes, supposingly dupes of MAC. They are always OOS.

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