Makeup Revolution: I Heart Chocolate Palette Review

Sunday, April 19, 2015

I discovered the brand, Makeup Revolution through Instagram, the brand had quite few dupes (packaging wise) of some famous brands. I bought the “I Heart Chocolate” palette which is supposedly a dupe for Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and the blusher (Blushing Hearts) which is again a dupe of the same brand.


Let's just a take a moment and admire the packaging, though I am not a chocolate fan, I am in love with the semi-melted chocolate casing. The outer cardboard packaging provides a snapshot of all the colors. The inside plastic packaging is of good quality and is slightly on the heavier side. The casing shuts tight and is travel friendly. When you open the inside case, you can find a full length mirror, a plastic over lay with the names of each shadow printed and a dual ended sponge brush. The brush is of no use, and feels rough on the skin.


Now let's get into the nitty gritty fine aspects. The palette consists of 2 highlight shade and 14 shadows, of which 5 are matte. The matte shades are more soft and buttery than the shimmery ones. Some of the matte shades like One More Piece and Thank Friday will not show up on dusky beauties. As for the shimmery shadows, there are visible gritty flakes on some of the shadows like Piece Me Together, Love Torn, and What A Way to Go. Then there is one row of awesomeness, especially the bottom row, where the shadows feel satiny soft and blends gorgeously.

Single swipe

  • You Need Love: A cool toned peach highlight that can also be used as an overall lid shade
  • Piece Me Together: Khaki with visible gritty golden flecks. On swatching, it looks more black than khaki
  • One More Piece: Cool tone matte brown for the crease
  • Love Torn: Looks deepened plum on the pan, but turn blackish-burgundy with visible gritty golden flecks on swatch
  • Stolen Chocolates: Deep ashy brown shade for darkening up the crease. You can see a hint of green

  • Thank Friday: Warm peachy matte brown
  • More!: Peachy golden shade. Will be beautiful as highlighter for dusky beauties
  • Pleasure Girl: Warm chocolate brown
  • Meet Chocolate: Odd man out, matte baby pink shade
  • Unforgivable: Purple-black with purple flecks
  • Love Divine: Warm deep copper-brown. Satin Finish

  • Smooth Criminal: Warm golden
  • Chocolate Love: Light golden
  • You Need More: Copper
  • What A Way to Go: plum
  • Endomorphins Ready!: Shimmery highlight
Eye Look

Final Verdict

I bought the product from Makeup Revolution website. All in the all, the palette has some really great shadows, but there are ones that disappoint too. This palette retails at 
Rs.748 ($12) and gets a thumps up for the cost per utilisation

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