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Sunday, August 9, 2015

I have my Gia Bath and Body Works Chocolate face mask on, hair up in a bun, relaxing in my favorite nook while writing up this post. How was your Sunday been so far? This is a tag I love watching YouTuber's do, so I decided to make a blogger version of the same:

Best Packaging : Too Faced Chocolate Bar 
The sleek packaging is a chocolate lover's dream, looks amazing, and smells even more amazing. I will have to give this to Too Faced.  The closest contender for this title was TheBalm Nude T'ude palette, but the hard casing of the Too Faced palette, that shuts tights thereby making it more travel friendly scored major brownie points for Too Faced in this category and is what ultimately gave away the title.

Best Color Payoff: Urban Decay Naked  1BAM BAM BAM intense, the color pay-off is amazing, so is the longevity. I usually wear my shadows as liner, and after even after 8 hours, they stay intact on my oily lids.

Most Versatile:  Inglot Custom palette 2
I have a crease, matte black, satin and shimmer shades in this custom palette. Having made this myself, I can quickly remove one shade to replace with another that I need based on the occasion, thereby making it versatile.

Best for Traveling: Urban Decay On The Run
Yes, the palette is bulky, but I mostly have some extra room in my luggage while traveling. I would definitely take this one with me as the palette has everything you can imagine to put up different looks together.
UD On The Run is perfect for travel as I can avoid traveling with multiple products. The palette  contains, 5 eye shadows, a blush, bronzer/contour, highlight, lip gloss, eye pencil, and mascara.

Biggest Regret: MAC BrownLuxe

Got it as a gift for my birthday, I hunted down this palette through 5 MAC stores in Bangalore. I had to make a long trip to 1MG Mall just to get my hands on this and sadly, I don't use them as my other palettes. One major factor being, the small strips are such inconvenience to pick color up from. The brush seems to touch two strips at a time. Also, the color fades unevenly. I will have to call this palette a regret solely on basis of cost per utilization. Cost around R. 2800 ( $44) but I haven't got any use out of it.

Best Color Names: TheBalm Nude'Tude
TheBalm knock it out of park when it comes to cute packaging, I had to chuck this palette out of best packaging category solely cause, they have cardboard packaging which is not very convenient. The names  are hilarious and naughty too ;)
Color Names: Sassy, Snoby, Stubborn, Stand-offish, Selfish, Sultry, Sophisticated, Seductive, Sexy, Silly, Serious, and Sleek

Least Used: Makeup Revolution Iconic 3
A dupe for UD Naked 3, sadly I don't reach upto the palette as I need to. I am not a big fan of  rose toned shades, also it's difficult for such colors to show up on my skin, unless it is pigmented like UD Naked 2. I don't want to pass it on, as I feel a palette with rose tone shades would be useful at some point in time :)

Most Used: NYX Love in Paris (Madeleines and Macaroons)
I have hit pan on one of the shades (dark chocolate), mainly cause the shade is my go-to eyebrow filler color. This is one of my first palettes which I bought from NYX US website. They have some really pretty neutral shades that I use on a regular basis.

Most Loved: Urban Decay Naked 2
I initially thought, UD Naked 1 was a better choice, as I am more of a neutral kinda girl, but turns out, I prefer UD Naked 2 as they show up on my lids as compared to UD Naked 1 shades. Though UD Naked 1 was my first Naked palette, I received UD Naked 2 as a gift from hubby, before UD Naked 1 could reach me from US.

Desert Island: Urban Decay Naked 2
For all the above reasons, I would choose Urban Decay Naked 2 as my Dessert Island Palette.

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