Face-off: Maybelline Color Tattoo VS MAC Prolongwear Paint Pot

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Paint pots can be best described as lazy girl’s eye shadow. When you are not in a mood to try that cut crease technique, you learned from YouTube, but still wants to look presentable, paint pots come to your rescue. Swirl, apply, blend, blend, and viola, eye shadow-on-point in a matter of 3 minutes. 

I also use paint pots as a base for my eye shadow to prevent shadow creasing, or use a similar base shade paint pot to let the eye shadow pop. Don't be fooled by the little pot, this one is so versatile.

So, for today's big face-off, we have two competitors:

  • Contender 1:  Poor man’s favorite, Maybelline Color Tattoo

           Bad to Bronze: A bronze shade

  • Contender 2:  The fancy schmanzy MAC Prolongwear Paint Pot

           Indianwood: A bronzy-golden shade

Left: MAC Paint Pot in Indianwood; Right: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to Bronze


Verdict: The poor kid, Maybelline Color Tattoo wins this edition of the face-off!



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