Makeup Disappointments 2015

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Now that we have covered the makeup revelations for the year 2015 (here), we should cross over to the dark side. Like Ying and Yang, dud products balance the goodness in the makeup world. Today we are rounding up the big duds  for the year 2015, the ones that claimed to make me even prettier than princess Snow White, only to fall flat on the ground with its tall claims.

1. ABH Contour Kit in Light-Medium: I was sucked into the contour bandwagon last year, only to realise that strobing and the excess of shimmer is way easier to explain to people that the streaky brown line on my cheek. Now that I have gained weight, there is only so little contouring can do. This contour kit was part of my Sephora US haul. I had picked up Too Faced Cocoa Contour Chiseled to Perfection palette initially, and when the order was cancelled, I purchased this one. One or may be maximum two times, I must have had the patience to use this kit, any other given day, I would happily contour using my Sleek Contour Kit or NYC bronzer. The colors don't show up on my NC42 skin and the yellow powder or the so called dupe of Ben-Nye Banana powder looks ashy under my eye. So much for 30 dollars (INR 2100).

2. Sigma Angled Contour Brush (F40): As I was struggling to blend off the contour streak, I purchased the Sigma angled contour brush in the hope of an airbrushed contour only to be disappointed. I like my contour brush slightly dense and firm like my RT Sculpting brush. This brush has sparse bristles that are not firm enough for blending.

3. MAC Lip Pencil in Devrish: The black sheep of the family, this lip pencil is not creamy and easy to apply like Spice or Soar, instead it applied patchy and blotchy. After reading the not so glorious reviews online, I had asked my husband not to pick this up, but he did and we have the name "Devrish-Dud" etched in history.

4. MAC Eyeshow in Cranberry: MAC eyeshadows are known for their pigmentation and this muted cool-tone purple shadow is a "purple" mark to the whole MAC eyshadow community. The pigmentation is virtually non-existent. I use this to fill-in my eyebrows. Its easier to carry around, and also I can gradually build it up due to poor pigmentation. Apart from these two pros, there is nothing positive to say about this product.

5. MUFE Step 1 Mattifying Primer: Cochin humidity has me going nuts, especially during weddings, where I apply my all out glam makeup and the moment I step out, it melts, the sweat just displaces my makeup and makes my face look like a shiny disco ball. This was one of the items apart from UD 2 that I asked my husband to purchase from Sephora Singapore. I had high hopes, only to be shattered twice.
a. The tube is tiny, don't be fooled, this little one costed me $16 (.5 oz) b. It didn't work any better than my Colorbar or Maybelline Primer, I mean this did nothing to keep my T-Zone oil at bay. At the end of the day, I was as shiny as I was with/without primer.

These were the top 5 disappointing products for 2015. Do you have any disappointing products to share? Comment down below.

Happy New Year guys!

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