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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I am not a skincare person; I used to invest money and time on skincare back in 2014, and with a change in location and responsibility, I started slacking, limiting my routine to just removing my makeup > washing my face using the Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing  Facial Wash > applying Olay Total Effects Day Cream.

I hardly ever visit the parlor for facials, but I do ensure my skin is taken care off, by indulging in face masks  twice a week, once during the weekend, and once mid-week. Normally, I use any of the following masks:

Lush Angels on Bare Skin| $34 (8.4 oz)

 A heavenly concoction of Ground Almonds, Lavendar Oil, Rose Absolute, and many other exotic oils. This one smells of crushed almonds. This product can be classified under exfoliators, but I prefer to use it as a mask.
I use a little water to make it into a coarse paste (a pain to apply evenly), let it sit on my skin for 30-40 minutes and then gently scrub my face with the dried out product. The product brings a subtle glow to my face.

Lakme Strawberry Cleanup Face Mask| INR 120 (50mg)

Reminds me of the Strawberry Fruit Blast Facial in Lakme Salons. I use rose water to make the white tooth paste like mask into a slightly more looser consistency. I apply this on my face and once the product dries out, I remove it with warm water and a cotton swab. Contains Parabens. The product leaves me with hydrated face.

Sand for Soapaholics Deadly Face Mask| INR 675 (60gm)

Infused with Dead Sea Mud, Aloe Vera, Grapeseed Oil, and Coconut, this Indian version of Lush, offers some very innovative face masks. I hunted them down to Garuda mall (Bangalore). It's minty, and I use rose water along with the product and apply it on my face. On application, I feel a cool and ticklish sensation on my face. I remove this using lukewarm water after the product dries out. This product is very similar to Lush's Magnaminty Face Mask. Provides a subtle glow to my face.

Gia Bath and Body works Chocolate mask| INR 350 (50gm)

Very powdery in consistency, and smells like chocolate. I mix this with a heavier base like honey to make it stick to my face. After 30-40 minutes, I rinse of the product using lukewarm water. Leaves my face fresh and supple to touch.

Origins Active Charcoal Clay Mask| $17 (1.7 oz)

Got it as part of the 100 point Beauty Insider perk from Sephora. The charcoal masks claims to suck out impurities. Smells like oil paint, and is a pain to layer on. I couldn't find much difference with this mask.



  • Store fresh face masks in the fridge for longer shelf life.
  • Apply a heavier base like honey if you have dry skin.
  • Apply a lighter base like rose water for oily skin.
  • Apply alovera gel as a soothing base.
  • Always follow up the drier masks with a nice thick moisturizer.
  • I don't trust natural ingredients available in Indian market, so no home made face mask for me.

So that' all for my current favorite face masks. Let me know what are yours!

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