Most Used Eye Brushes

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Continuing from where we left off, my most used face brushes, I'm bringing to you, my most frequently used eye brushes. I love buying brushes, but I tend to reach out for the same brushes every single time. These are not my favorites, bjust the most used ones.

1. Makeup Geek Bent Liner Brush l $ 8.50
Makeup Geek has equal hits and misses in their brush line. Beware of their contour and blush brush who were Alaskan huskies in their previous birth, for they shed like nobody's business. This lil gem though helps me apply my gel liner with ease. The bent shape gives total grip and control over the eyeliner application and thus making it a favorite.

2. Lakme Absolute Eye Shader Brush l INR 275
Did you know that Lakme had its brush range back in the day? I have two of these brushes from the "golden era". These weirdly shaped brushes are what I use for applying dark shades on the outer 1/3rd of my eye. I pick up just enough dark shade using this brush and apply it on my outer V, and then blend it using a fluffy blender brush. Not the best guy out there for the job, but does an ok job.

3. Vega Angular Blender Brush l INR 80
My ride or die, eyebrow brush from Vega. I love how inexpensive and impressive it is. I can apply eyebrow powder either in full on-fleek mode or barely there fill up the potholes mode. The brush picks up the right amount of product and the slanted edge makes the eyebrow filling whole easier.

4. Vega Flat Shader l INR 350
A flat shader brush can be used to apply eyeshadow on the inner 3/4 the of the eye, mostly on the center portion. Vega has some brushes, and this one is my favorite. I use packing motions for a high payoff, or sweeping motions for a light wash of color.

5. PAC 032 Blending Brush l INR 585
This PAC brush is a recent acquisition, but an essential. I wear matte shades to office and being a hooded eye girl means, I have to take the crease higher than my normal crease line. The bristles fit perfectly into my crease line and gives an airbrushed finish to my eyeshadow look.

So there were few of my most used eyeshadow brushes. What are yours?

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