5 Waterproof Makeup to Try

Monday, June 6, 2016

Taking your date out for a swim on the first date? You ain't gonna smudge even the eyeliner boo, cause ain't you smart enough to have heard of waterproof makeup? No?? Well read on!

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1. Maybelline The Falsies Waterproof Mascara l INR 450

I am blessed with long lashes and I don't usually wear mascara , but if I were to pick a waterproof version of mascara that would allow me to watch my favorite rom-com even while balling my eyes out, I would definitely choose Maybelline Falsies mascara. No one wants to take a pretty raccoon out for a second date. The Falsies mascara gives good length and volume to my eyelashes and it is pretty affordable too.

2. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Foundation (4N2:Spiced Sand) l INR 2790

A long wearing foundation that doesn't budge come what may, rain, sweat or even the swimming lesson! Comes in whooping 20 shades to suit any undertone from warm to neutral to cool. The foundation doesn't oxidize neither does it separate. Finish is super matte which in turn looks pale, I have to add a little blush to make to look lively. After 4-5 hours, my natural oils starts peeking, nothing crazy, making the look more demi-matte or satiny. Without a mattifying primer, I have to go in for my first blot in 7 hours which is a good wear time considering the area that I live in.

3. MAC Piantpots l INR 1850

If you have experienced  eyeshadows creasing on your lids, adopt a MAC painpot.  Paintpots serve multiple purposes, from covering the veins on the lids to letting the vibrancy of the eyeshadow to shine through to holding the eye makeup for hours. Painpots will hold on to the eyelids and will prevent eyeshadow from creasing while you are breaking a sweat on the dance floor.

4. Chambor Extreme Wear Liquid Lipsticks l INR 845

The liquid lipsticks are far more long-wearing than your regular lipsticks and these Chambor ones have cleared the water test with flying colors. They dry to a matte finish that can be a little too drying for some. I have reviewed the lipsticks here.

5. LA Girl Matte Makeup Setting Spray l $7

I use makeup spray to remove powderiness from my face, to mattify, and hold my makeup. Use a setting spray to increase the staying power of your makeup by 3-4 hours. Tried tested and the Girl with a pearl earring approved.

Water Test

A: Initial Swatch; B: Under Water for 5 Minutes; C: After Rigorous Wiping
I let the product swatches to set for 30 minutes before running the swatches under the tap water for 5 minutes straight. The Falsies mascara did feather a little, but the other swatches stayed put.

I started rigorously wiping the swatches with my fingers, and the Estee Lauder foundation started to pull off, whereas the MAC Paintpot swatch and Chambor Extreme Wear lipstick swatch came out as clear winners.

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