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Friday, July 1, 2016

ColourPop is known for their Super Shock eye shadows and Lippie Stix and here are a few ways how you can purchase them in India.

1. Instagram Sellers: Approx. cost is 700 per shadow

2. Amazon: Double the actual rates

3. Directly from the Colourpop Website: MAJOR UPDATE guys, ColourPop is starting International Shipping from July 12th. At this point, it's going to be difficult to say about the shipping rates to India. If the current shipping rates to Australia is anything to go by, the rates will be on the pricier side. Also, keep in mind additional Indian Customs charges and missing package issues.
From the mailer I received

4. ShipoutfromUSA

I will be reviewing the ShipoutfromUSA service that I used twice last month. The whole experience was such a breeze. I got to learn about this shipping service through Magali Vaz. For more info, please check out her blog here.

ShipoutfromUSA Process

2. Register an account (1).

Important: When you create a new account, use the code MAGALI40 or Instagram40 for availing a discount on shipping rates.

 Automatically a virtual mailbox is created for you in US and UK along with a phone number. This step is free of cost.

3. Login to ColourPop website and create an account. First timer users will get 5 dollars off.

4. Select your items, add to your cart and while checking out, enter the address provided by the SOFU and User Name as SOFU-COUNTRY-ID <INSERT YOUR NAME> [This will be your SOFU identification name and is available as your US Virtual Address Name].

5. Complete the order by making your payment via PayPal or credit card. Your order details will be sent to your email ID.
Colourpop offers free domestic shipping above $30.

6. Send a mail to the ShipOutfromUSA customer care ( with your order details and Colourpop payment receipt.

7. You will receive a mail from Colourpop when your order is shipped. Send it to the SOFU customer care.

8. Using the tracking code in the Colourpop order email, track your package and confirm with the SOFU team if they have received your order.

It will take 3-4 days for your order to be shipped and another 3-4 days for it to reach the destination. You can track your order through the USPS website with the details provided by Colourpop.

9. Once the SOFU team confirms, they will let you know the shipping charges.

Weight (lbs)
Weight (kg)
Original (INR)
40% Discount with MAGALI40 or INSTAGRAM40 (INR)

10. Pay the shipping amount by logging into your ShipoutfromUSA account using credit/debit card.

11. Once the payment is successful, you will receive a tracking number and a confirmation of shipment of your package to India.

 My Parcel 1 was shipped on 7-June (SOFU Warehouse) and  reached Mumbai on 10-June. The travel agent was Bombino.
Parcel 2 was shipped on 17-June and reached Mumbai on 21-June.

12. SOFU team will contact you and will let you know if you are required to pay Customs Duty.

    Parcel 1: INR 246
    Parcel 2: INR 319

If you have Customs Duty to pay, follow steps, 13 to 15.

13. Email requesting for Bombino bank account details.

14. Transfer the Customs Duty via NEFT or IMPS and send the confirmation receipt and ID proof (if required) to the same email ID.

15. Once payment is complete, they will release your package to a local transport partner like DHL and they will ship it to your destination.

My package reached Cochin on:
Parcel 1: 16-June
Parcel 2: 23-June

Overall my experience both times have been very positive and I would recommend ShipOutFromUSA to everyone.

You can ship from other US based websites through ShipoutfromUSA. To shop from Sephora, enter SOFU <YOUR FIRST NAME> as your first name and mail SOFU customer care the details and let them know that your unique SOFU number is not entered(Sephora doesn't allow numbers as the first name). Nordstrom ships to SOFU address too (They stock LORAC/MAC/CT).

Savings Through ShipoutfromUSA: Cost break-down

Shipment 1
Shipment 2
Total ColourPop Bill
$49 l INR 3430
$50 l INR 3500
Original Price/item
             Eye Shadow
Lippie Stix

·         $5 (INR 350)
·         $8 (INR 560)
·         $5 (INR 350)
Number of Items
ColourPop Domestic Shipping to SOFU address
Free above $30
Shipping (Post discount)
INR 828
INR 1242
INR 246
INR 319
Total Cost
INR 4504
INR 5061
Delta Cost Per Item
Approx. $2 per item (INR 140)
Approx. $2.23 per item (INR 140)
Final Cost/Item (Inclusive of Shipping + Customs)
·         Eye Shadow
·         Blush/Highlighter
·      Lippie Stix

           $7 (INR 490)
           $10 (INR 700)

         $7.23 (INR 506)
        $7.23 (INR 506)

Do leave a comment in case you need any clarification or help!

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Yamini said...

Thripti thank you so very much for this post.I needed this so badly...I will be placing my order really soon.Thank god you came up with this post right on time coz I was just going to place the order.

Misbah said...

This is such a useful article and just in time. Cause I have been breaking my head on how to get colourpop eyeshadows for a while. I have already paid instagram shops 700 for a few but just thought that was a fleece for something worth 350 only.

Thripti Aravind said...

@Yamini, Colourpop is starting international shipping on 12th. Do compare the shipping costs and decide. I will updates as soon as I know of the international shipping rates.

Thripti Aravind said...

@Misbah, 700 is a bit too much :(

sooper said...

hi thripti,
very helpful review and very detailed. thanks a ton! i have ordered directly from their website when they had free shipping internationally. it was shipped on September 28,yet not recieved the product. so was wondering what would b the issue?

Shiv joshi said...

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Courier Charges From USA to India. They give you best price for shipping with good service too.

Unknown said...

PPOBOX is offering less shipping cost Customs Duty charges. By shipping 2 or more products from the USA to India. You will get up with a discount on your shipping.

Unknown said...

Use ppobox shipping charges from India to USA calculator and see how you can optimize your international shipping cost for India.

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