Introducing Malvika and her FAB earrings

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Introducing Malvika Manoj who was previously featured here and here. Stylish person she is, she owns a small but enviable collection of earrings. During our usual office communicator chat, she mentioned on how she fell in love with the earrings the moment she saw em in MAX store. "You will for sure like em" she added. I immediately asked her to send me the pics and here they are.

We have a similar yet contrasting taste as far as earrings are concerned . Mostly she prefers her No-fuzz minimalistic style and I am more of a chunky-funky type. The difference in choice of "To wear" types never manages to make us disagree on the earring as a separate entity. Whether it look good on us is a different thing but, finally we end up concluding the same thing. 

The above one is a daily wear, no fuzz type and can be worn with a simple kuta-jeans or western wear. 

More of my type, beads and black. What not to love. Now, the structure of earring is different and wearing em can be tricky. The above earrings doesn't suit everyone. If you have the right pinne shape to boast of well, you don't have to worry.... just wear and let the pair do the talking.

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Rafsal said...

Osumm.. Maalltty rocks.. :)

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