It's time to let go

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I totally gave up on both my  blogs for a whole week. I didn't think I had the stamina to write or even post pics after my heavy duty writing/work load last week. This  week in not going to be any better either :(.
Now for some earrings update
  • I lost an earring.
  • I bought a new earring.
  • My friend came all the way from Bangalore to borrow some earrings. She did find one to match her anarkali perfectly.
  • I broke a favorite earring:(
  • Time to let go of an old earring.
  • My friend sent few of her earrings pics to be featured in this blog.

Have you ever have held something so close that you just refuse to part with em even after people all around telling you to let go?. Well, I have and being emotionally attached to my earring I found it extremely difficult to part with them. The subject of this post are some 5 year old earrings. They are nearly unwearable as some of the stones are missing. No matter however I try to stick em back, the procedure simply fails and the stones comes off again. They have also lost their sheen and finally after much drama I decided "IT WAS TIME TO LET GO".  I have carefully wrapped em up in a plastic bag and they may end up in dumpster any day.

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