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Monday, October 31, 2011

I am miffed with my Maybelline colossal kajal, got them 2 months back and have been religiously applying them from the day one. Considering the fact that, I hardly had to spend 150 bucks for smudge free, dark kohled eyes I shouldn't be complaining still,....

So, here is my problem, the kajal is no smudge proof "proof" ....like it can't stand my teary eyes (no I don't shed acid), nor can it stand 4 hours of  staring at computer screen. Leave it, atleast it doesn't give me panda eyes like Revlon. So, what exactly is my problem?.If you did have you shouldn't be having another spare one in your bag, that goes on to prove that you love this Kajal.

So,here goes the final straw of argument: Kajal tip BREAKS!!! I mean agreed that it's all cheap and stuff but I expect my product to stay until its demise but, colossal kajal has been breaking quite frequently now that the last half is in use. Have anyone noticed the same?Is it because of the extra force I use while applying them? or is it the humidity that has to be blamed?.

To ease my turmoil, lets shift our focus to the gorgeous pair of earrings I bought from Ginger ( Lifestyle) .


beingFab said...

I lost the cover of my colossal kajal soon after I bought it and then it dried up :-(. Still using my Lotus kajal and I was thinking of getting another colossal, but now I'm wondering if I should.

BTW, very pretty earrings :-)

Swarnali said...

OMG!! Those earrings are GORGEOUS!!!!!My kajal is pretty good,I mean even my eyes are quite watery & I have a terrible habit of rubbing my eyes now & then....but mine hasn't broken,this is the second one am using now & no complaints..I guess you are applying too much pressure on it,try using a bit lesser.

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