Shopping spree:)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Retail therapy is the best anti depressant, have a dose of it each week to stay happy and smiling through out the week. Been long since I had gone out with friends and yesterday when Lak suggested that we go out and soak in some fresh air I was all out and supportive of it. Being broke doesn't matter, only greed does and mine has a strong grip over my senses:). We walked, went inside stores with absolutely no intention of  buying anything, saw the price tags and gave an eye rolling sigh and walked out. Sometimes, greed got better of us and we did end up buying which we hadn't planned to, sticking by the list never applies to my rule book. By the end of the day both of us were tired, hungry and trying to balance multi million paper bags. It was all worth it, all of it right from walking from TDM, to convent and then to MG road, entering random shops and making complete fool of ourselves, spending hours in Goodwill. We should be doing this frequently:).

So, this is what I bought.

1 salwar material( Sorry no pics as I had to give for stitching)

A haul at Goodwill.

My goody bag

Lets see what's inside:) .

 OOOh!! another packet....

  • Studded belt

  • 6 purple  bangles, which I plan to mix and match

  •  An earring (Quite obvious)

  •  A tribal neck piece: Did u see the girl on the magazine?. She is wearing exactly the same neck piece. I saw the new VANITHA mag, early in the morning, throughout had eyes on this gorgeous piece  but never expected to find em but, when I did I just had to get it . Talk about being an impulsive buyer I am.

A skinny jeans from Jealous 21. For now the jeans gods are happy and satisfied, until I come across another shade that takes my heart away. Yeah saw a cute way of tying the belt in the store. Use your scarfs girls be innovative, tie it as a belt.


Time for me to go get some good sleep, until next time tata bubye :). And ya ZARA is opening it's store in Bangalore at Phoenix  Market city mall :). Happy girl I am.


beingFab said...

I really liked the tribal necklace ;-), looks like you could wear it with both western clothes for a boho look as well as Indian clothes!!

Thripti Aravind said...

@beingFab... definitely a good buy:)then.

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