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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Unlike last time (You can read it here), I am better equipped to handle last minute packing jitters. I will be off to Bangalore this coming week on work. I have not yet started packing much to the dismay of Daddy dearest. 

I am going back to the place, where my corporate life began almost after a year. Last  year, this time I was totally unhappy, trying hard to balance work and personal life. The 15-16 hours clocked was taking its toll on my mental health and finally I took the plunge and decided to settle into a role not as glamorous or glorious as before. Today I am satisfied and content, knowing I won't have a high flying career doesn't bother me much cause today I am more at peace with myself, I can easily shut down my system by 6 and reach home at 7, I can have an hour long talk with my team mates on online shopping, my manager is the sweetest lady Iv ever met so are my leads.  My old mates are excited to meet me as much as I am and to think I will be bidding adieu to Cochin in 2 months time has become unacceptable for my lil brain. I will be soon shifting to Bangalore after wedding in same role, but in a different project. The trip takes me to office all 3 days  I get to spend there which is going to be quite jam packed considering multiple client calls, trainings, and KTs. Shopping, movies, dinners I am trying to fit everything into my already full cup.

 Leaving you with images of an earring that I bought on sales from Lifestyle last year. Baffles me on how I haven't worn em even once, they are so so beautiful.

PS:- I clicked (with phone cam :( ) some pics of my garden, if interested you can view it here.


sadee said...

owww woww beautiful post you have very interesting blog
follow back please
♥ SadeeStyle ♥

M. said...

I want to see thoseee shoessss!!

And, I agree with you about the whole work shouldn't drive your life:)

beingFab said...

Those earrings are beautiful!! How come I didn't see them at Lifestyle :-)?? And I can't take my eyes of those pumps - full picture, please!!

Swarnali said...

pretty earrings but those shoes are grabbing my entire attention,can we have a better look at those?? :P

Jahn 'n Style said...

beautiful earrings!

Kiran said...

I know exactly how you feel...it was the same for me! I started out great, totally loved my grad role then got a huge promotion in another office...I travelled alot which was great but the pressure of the job was too much and I really hated going to work every day. I realised that I didnt want to be high flyer I wanted to have a job which I love and makes me happy. So glad I'm not the only one who has gone thru this!! lol

Earring are gorgeous!! and love the way you hung them on ur shoes

Ayantika said...

very interesting blog...and niceee earring <3


NS said...

i'd die for these earrings

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