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Monday, March 5, 2012

I am no good with giving fashion advices and trend alerts so, I decided to bring in some professional help and help you guys with your accessory selection. This is an article that I found in Femina, which according to my own trial and error evolving style holds true.

Fashion News and Trends from - Read the Latest Fashion News

When it comes to accessories, big and bold is the way to go. Kavya Kolli gives you the low-down on working this season's statement jewellery pieces

Shagun Nagi, 19, mass media student
Jewellery: Oversized earrings

"These oversized earrings aren't too overpowering, and I can actually wear them often."

The style for you
- If your face is oval-shaped, most styles will suit you.
- If your face is round, avoid anything circular in shape. Choose something that creates the illusion of an angle, such as long earrings in geometric patterns.
- Avoid wearing jewellery around the neck; it will only clash with the earrings.
- Pick a colour from one present in your earrings and choose a dress in the same colour.
- Show off your earrings with a hairstyle that pulls your hair away from your face.

Amrit Sandhu, 23, mass media graduate and model
Jewellery: Statement neckpiece

"I've heard of charm bracelets, but this is the first time I've seen a charm necklace. The watch charms give the necklace such an interesting and unusual look."

The style for you
- A statement neckpiece is something that will grab attention with its distinctive style.
- When wearing any statement piece, keep the rest of your accessories to a bare minimum.
- Choose accessories that reflect your personal style but still have a fun, interesting element.
- Let the neckpiece be the main focus of your outfit. Choose a top or dress that complements the neckpiece and isn't too overwhelming.
- Bib collars are really in, and are guaranteed to transform your ensemble from boring to chic. But if you truly wish to stand out, go for something like a unique charm neckpiece with lots of charms attached. A lace dress will perfectly complement the neckpiece by giving it a vintage, tea party look.

Priyanka Setia, 24, theatre actor and model
Jewellery: Hair ornament, waist chain

"This is a great way to pair an ethnic accessory with a contemporary outfit."

The style for you
- Wearing a hair ornament is tricky, especially if it's a statement piece with an unusual design.
- For starters, the placement of the ornament has to be just right. Such ornaments look best placed on one side, either with a simple ponytail or a bun. If you want to leave your hair open, give the top some height and pin it on the side.
- Glam up your outfit by adding a waist chain to it. You can experiment with ones in antique silver or any other metal.
- Pair the waist chain with high waist pants or skirts. Alternatively, you can wear it with jeans too.

Article: Femina.
PS:- I do not own the content or the pictures, which belongs to the Femina magazine.


PAPS said...

Thanks for sharing this article. Some nice tips.

Swarnali said...

Awesome post. I don't subscribe to Femina but I love their articles,this was a really good one :)

Maria Sself said...

Those are some truly gorgeous outfits! Nice selection - thanks for the advice, even though it's not personally yours, it's still appreciated;-)))

StylishByNature said...

Nice inspirational pics !!...Would be glad if we can connect at my Facebook page too

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