Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sometimes, the fashion thumb rules irks me. I don't qualify to be a fashion blogger, dressed to perfection, striking a pose, pics to die, I am still a lousy dresser who always manages to slip into floaters for daily erands, I even haven't figured out my best blogger pose yet. Lazy buns, eccentric earrings, color blocking, pastel perfect by chance and not choice , none of my day to day wears are worthy enough to be posted on world wide web.

I feel minuscule compared to all those divas who meticulously come up with great outfits. There were times when my  top could have gone well with a colored jeans, but alas I don't own one.The alternate is not the first choice and I remain in eternal doubt of whether the two gel together or not.
As compared to before ie, pre-blogging era in my timeline I am open and willing to experiment, mix and match and go bold. The degree of openness is still stuck somewhere at 4 out of the 10 scale.
I used to paint my nails in hot pink and crazy corals. The innumerable stares were enough to force me to pick up the remover. The long earrings were talk of the office.... lately I have been feeling uninspired, constantly questioning the need to dress up. I ditched my kajal and gloss for the longest of time and then something unexpected happened.....the very same people who couldn't stand the color burst were picking on me for being 'NATURAL'. Well, natural would have been boring for em....people coming upto me and asking if I were ok. 

People should accept the fact that they cannot enforce their style aesthetics on someone else, it's a sin to expect someone else dress to please your senses. No, each one of us are different so are the style and fashion to downgrade someone just cause he/she loves her pop of colors better than you regular white-black-grey is not characteristics fit for a fashionista. Enough gyaan for today....

These silver earrings are a favorite...they give my kurta ensemble a desi vibe. Reminds me of Sally and Hally of Hippie By Heart. Thinks Fashion Is Art.
They are the proud owners of silver/funky jewellery to die for!!!

Attempt at photo editing :Epic FAILURE!!!


PAPS said...

Yes I hardly dress what to share anything with anyone. Only when I go out that I dress up. As you say when you do wear occasionally nicely you get that star or comment that makes you feel like saying mind your own business.

beingFab said...

I know exactly how you feel. It is quite annoying to have people come up and actually pass judgement on your style of dressing. Style is a very personal thing and depends on a lot of factors. P.S. Love your silver earrings too :-)

Vanu said...

Opal, u hv amazing collection of earrings, man.
totally drool-worthy

Kiran said...

oh I love them! I want a pair!

Namitha Kashyap said...

Sweetie IMO, that shouldn't matter. How you dress is your indivdual style. My pre-blogging days, I have always shy-d away from experimenting. Now I see divas all over, I know I have it in me too :) Its about being confident and making a statement. Everybody talks about everybody. SO yeah, screw em, and do what you want :)
Namita <3

Lipsy said...

First of all let me say you write really well..All your thoughts and feeling come alive in your posts...I am not blessed with such quality of self-expression and so I do it with my sense of style...I might be perfect all the time but then Ireally really love what I do and then it hardly matters what everyone around me thinks abt!!

Loved your earring would really like to pair it with white churidaar kurta ...lots of bangles and a braid!!

bridal jewelry said...

Cute earrings! I appreciate your efforts in sharing this! These are one of the cutest!

My Unfinished Life said...

I think as long as you are happy doing what you doesnt matter wat others do right!!!

the earrings are pretty!!

pavani reddy said...

love this post...typical south-indian ....mine will be like this tooo

Fashionobsession-mieni said...

Cute earrings!! Love it!


SSU by Jiya said...

I loved what you wrote. and very true about the comments people make, raise eyebrows, smile and sometimes their eyes pop. becasue they want you to look like them which is not right.
Just wanted to tell you that There are millions of people and there would be at least 1000 who would love your style, love your picks and then love you eventually. Let's keep doing it for ourselves!! <3

SSU by Jiya said...

Oh P.S. I love these earrings. i have fetish of collecting such earrings. :)

Sugar Lane said...

I've just discovered ur lovely blog, u r so stylish!!!
i'd love u to visit mine and follow if u like it ;)
kisses from Spain,

Karishma said...

The earrings are tres lovely. ^.^

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