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Sunday, April 15, 2012

It's been a busy week, with the second leg of the wedding shopping in full swing and mad mad deadlines at work. 

When one of my friends created an album to cater solely to her wedding shopping adventures, I dropped in by and made a mental note in quotes 'wedding shopping is so much fun'. Boy!!! I never knew I would be eating my words in months. Let me clear this for all of you: NO!!! wedding shopping is not fun. It's a full fledged warzone. 

When you are accompanying your friend to shop for her wedding trousseau, it's fun telling the bride-to-be what suits her and what not. You can touch and feel all those gorgeous sarees and lahengas and get a window shopping high while, the shopwalas treat you as a VIP. As the bride herself things are not easy as it seems, as it's you D-Day and all the eyes will be glued on to you, judging you, analyzing your saree to jewellery to shoe.... you are let with no other option than to be the best bride in town. But then tragedy strikes, that dream wedding saree that you have been fantasizing about, from your engagement days is nowhere to be seen, the color is not what you dreamt of, the golden is too goldish well, as the bride we have to make 1000 calculations and a yes or no debacle all the while keeping the budget in mind. My wedding saree cost me 5000 more than the budget, my mom wouldn't bulge and finally I decided that after all it's once in a life time affair so I better spend that 5k from my own account than to settle in for the second best. There I was gleaming, happy to have found a near to perfect saree, my happiness only to be squished by Mr. G who commented "Don't you think the saree is little dull"...Oh mine!!!!

Ok I am deviating from the topic. When it comes to jewelery we, Mallus(Malayalis ya residents of Kerala) leaves no stone unturned to gift the bride with at least 100 sovereigns of gold. Here is a synopsis of my story at the jewelery shop: I go into the ultra crowded shop and selects something that catches my fancy but, Mr. Banker a.k.a DAD rejects the one cause stones will costs as an additional amount and also the resale value of stone studded jewelery is less, also he rejects anything from the ethnic collection (extremely high making charges) and then what I am left with after a lot of tears and drama is regular plain looking jewelery but, this is not what I envisioned off  gggarhhh!!!

Also, the walk in and out of shops in the scorching sun, hunting for perfect pair of shoes, or accessories is no easy task. The  budget scare, the unhappiness scare, fights with you loved ones cause you don't accept what they think is best for you, having to hear and act according to relatives, not having any piece of  mind as you need a day of leave to get you stuffs stitched , but you final pending work is not gonna give you that time you want and lot more....I can go on and on about million things that cannot be classified as FUN in wedding shopping. More on that later. 

I thought I would post an outfit for today, cause it's the easiest and most non time consuming affair. This is something I wore on a day when temperature was at it's worst , and I had tons of packets to carry to the stitching place. I tried to color block my outfit ...with the red top and the purple hobo bag. Kept my footwear simple as I had lotta walking to do. The dress if you think is loose, I accept.... I like to wear something loose fitting in this slithering heat and with extra humidity in this part of the world, one tends to sweat a lot .... I realized this much  later and by then I  ditched the statement neck piece cause added with the sweat the neck piece was making me uncomfortable.

So what do you think?. Was your wedding shopping an easy breezy task?


M. said...

All you people shopping for D-Day make me want to run away from getting married!
Btw, guys usually cannot envision how something will look when worn, so don't take Mr G's comment seriously:) This excludes the clan of designers, of course!

Pranita said...

definitely wedding shopping is like head over heels. But when you are done and its time to get dressed...the feeling is awesome! :)

Love from Bindigasm

PAPS said...

No Wedding shopping is not fun at all specially in Asian countries I think as we have many issues to deal with. Also if specially if multiple functions are held like engagement, mendhi etc. Whoever thinks it is easy is really misinformed.

My Unfinished Life said...

D-Day is sure daunting...!!!

and mallus are such crazy for gold bestie is a mallu..and boy was she decked in gold on her wedding day!!!

AGAM said...

I believe wedding shopping is great great fun..but only if you are not the one buying for yourself. I mean I'll go crazy the day I'll have to shop for my own wedding outfit..perhaps because of the "pressure" to look good and the fact that all eyes would be glued on you..but I definitely can't wait for my sister's wedding shopping to begin :) And..I so agree with the shopkeepers treating you like VIP bit :D
Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I am glad you liked my post. Please do visit me again :) Please do visit my Facebook page as well..and if you like my work..please LIKE my page :)

Purvi said...

I had a 1 year courtship before getting married, so I was naturally doing my wedding shopping during that entire time but then it continued till the last day :) :)
so all the best :)

Ayantika said... shoppinh is what i am missing right now :) are looking so nice !

Sharon said...

Thanks a lot for the lovely comments on my blog..really appreciate it..but those comments are not getting loaded on my page:( after changing my blogging platform from blogger to disqus i am facing this issue with certain comments posted using blogger :(

I always though wedding shopping was so much FUN. I remember having tonnes of fun during my cousin's weddding. But i am sure when my turn comes i am surely gonna be one helluwa bridezilla..LOL

Unknown said...

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Karishma said...

I was at Berjaya! I wish you said hi. *sad face*

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