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Thursday, June 7, 2012

From Drafts: With the wedding, shifting, cooking and household chores I hardly have time to take pictures and post something up here. I have lot to share but too little time. It also doesn't mean I have forgotten YOU!!. I will be back to full time blogging (and that includes reading all your blogs) by next month.

The dreaded week is at doorsteps with few more more hours to go....reviews, client calls, status meets I will have to deal with every freaking IT jargons this week. Okie, let's shift our focus to something better like say  EARRINGS. I am usually very careful with my earrings, I will spill the secret some day:The secret of how I store and preserve my vast collection of earrings. Sometimes my this very trait causes serious trouble for example, this particular earring I am showcasing today haven't been worn even once!!!yes that is even after 2 years. Last day I found em in one of the innumerable boxes where I stack away my earrings.The pretty silver earrings rightful place is in box 1(I name boxes in order of wearability:Earrings which I wear quite often comes in box 1), but it was in the box which was marked "worn rarely". I should note down all earrings I own and the color combinations too, so that its easier to select one based on the color scheme of the outfit. 


Lipsy said...

Congrats for your wedding and super duper congrats for getting married to the love of your life!!How exciting and busy you must be ...Live it to he fullest girl ,you look great in all pics!

beingFab said...

Oh, it's been so long!!!! I guessed you'd be busy with all your wedding preparations!! Do post loads of pics when you get back!!

Vanu said...

U know i missed u n ur posts!!! but Congos gurl!!! All d best for ur lyf ahead

My Unfinished Life said...

those are lovely earrings!!


Swarnali said...

Welcome back!! Congrats yet again!! Your wedding pics were lovely. And I was gawking at them wondering how you manged to keep yourself straight with all that gold on you. :P
I have a very similar pair of earrings with multi color beads, yours looks lovely too :)
Sorry for the late comment :P

Prajawal said...

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