12 Things Only a Makeup Loving Girl Would Understand

Friday, July 17, 2015

 1. When you lament that the international launches will never make its way to India.

2. You never have that perfect shade of pink lipstick to match that dress.
3. Your wallet runs away in the opposite direction every time you visit the store "JUST TO SEE" the new collection.

4. When the SAs address you by name, and secretly saves the last piece of LE item just for you.
5. You can never understand why anyone would be a plain jane for the wedding, hello!!! I spend an hour just perfecting my contour.

6. You get tired of listening to random people say "how much do you spend on makeup?". I work my ass off b**ch, that's how!!!

7. Just when you think you mastered contouring, strobing is the new contouring.

8.You secretly cringe on seeing uneven winged liner.

9. You hate humidity and sweat, cause your hard work will just melt of in a matter of hours.
10. You skip office to collect that last piece of LE item.
11. You just apply makeup days in advance to perfect the smokey eye, and then wipe of 3 hours of hard work in 5 minutes.
12. You speak so passionately about makeup, only to find the people around you in deep sleep.

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