Anastasia DipBrow Pomade (Ebony) Review

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Me and hubby's random Sunday Conversation:

Me: You are so on-fleek (I was watching my husband get ready for the day)
Him: I don't understand. What do you mean? *insert Justin Bieber's song here*
Me: You are so outdated. It means, on-point, perfecto!
Him: Kids these days

So, have you ever wondered how much pain and effort does on-fleek eyebrows require? well, 15 minutes roughly, confused??? let me explain.


Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) DipBrow Pomade in Ebony


$18 (.14 oz)


The ultimate choice for perfectly precise brows, Dipbrow Pomade has a smudge-free, creamy formula which glides effortlessly onto the skin and adheres to the brow hairs for optimal definition. Perfect for oily skin and humid climates, Dipbrow Pomade can be used as a brow definer or eyeliner and provides luxurious colour and sculpture.
- ABH website


Comes in a small cardboard box, housed inside is a glass tub with plastic screw-on cap. Slightly bulky and very similar to the MAC paintpots.


The product has a creamy consistency and the color, Ebony is the second darkest shade in the spectrum. The shade is a perfect match for my dark black hair. Because of the creamy consistency, if you rub your eyebrows, you can see the product smudged on your fingers. Otherwise, surprisingly, my brows look great even after 8 hours (the product doesn't budge or move unless disturbed by an external force).


I use Anastasia brush number, 7 for the application. It's a dual sided brush; one side is similar to a small angled liner, the other side is a spoolie.

Take a tiny amount of product on the angled liner portion of the brush and apply in small strokes. If you have thin eyebrows, you can draw a small outline and fill in the brows using small strokes, mimicking the natural hair.

The red lines indicate small strokes

The pain of the whole process though is TIME. The brow powder or pencil is easier to clean up if you mess, or overdraw your brows. The dipbrow, on the other hand is not so forgiving and can go from perfecto to total disaster in a matter of seconds. It takes a lot of patience (small strokes) and time to achieve natural looking brows.

ABH Angled Brush 7


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