Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The month February has been officially re-named as the disaster month. I had my fair share of back to back makeup heart breaks in February.

A Broken Glow: TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer is my favourite highlighter of all time, it survived a fall on the floor once, but didn't the second time around. I lost my grip, and the poor thing was on the floor before I could process the fall in my brain. I shouldn't be complaining as the palette is not in unusable condition, just that it has heavy fall out. There is no palette or heart, rubbing "alcohol" can't fix, I am yet to attempt fixing the broken palette.

Evaporated Into Thin Air: I usually carry my makeup and perfume in my handbag while travelling, *go ahead, call me crazy makeup obsessed*. As I own only Ninna Ricci Elixir in the 30 ml bottle, I carry it around when I travel. On the flight to Bali, I realised the perfume was leaking. I tried keeping it upright to save whatever was left, but in spite of my efforts, the entire perfume just leaked and evaporated. Imagine me carrying the handbag around, with a trail of sweet Apple like-scent. I smelled like a man whole through the trip * Thank You Lacoste Men (husband's perfume)* 😖.

Missing Palette: I ordered Carli Bybel palette from BH Cosmetics along with a brush. The package did arrive in 20 days, but it was empty. It didn't have anything inside. I suspect that the palette must have slipped off in transit as one side of the package was in open condition. 

Update: BH Cosmetics emailed me and they promised to send me a replacement.

That's it, folks! hoping this month turns out into a disaster-free month.

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Liyana Aris said...

Oh my God! Poor you. All of these would have caused me a heartache, too.

I hope BH Cosmetics have supplied you with a new palette and brush!

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