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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Makeup Geek Custom Palette l $6 each and $13 for the Travel Vault

I have given my shimmery life a break and have settled for mattes. I have been loving my Makeup Geek custom palette that contains 9 everyday, office appropriate shades (matte and satin). Housed inside the Makeup Geek travel vault in the rose-gold shade, this palette is travel-friendly and versatile.
Shades in the palette: Americano, Mango Tango, Bitten, Mocha, Cocoa Bear, Latte, Vintage, Creme Brulee, Cupcake
Review coming soon.

PAC 045 Brush l INR 350

I wanted a fan brush for the longest time. Why are fan brushes out of all the brushes always out of stock on every freaking website? Finally got my hands on these from Amazon. Don't be fooled by the sparingly spread bristles, this brush picks up the right amount of product (ABH That Glow Kit) and diffuses it beautifully.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara l $10 (4 ml)

Sample size mascara that came in the UD On the Run Palette, this is not the best mascara out there, but I have been using it every single day as I don't want this mascara sitting on my vanity for another year. Semi dry consistency, non-waterproof, and easy to remove, but it didn’t wow my naturally flat lashes, though!

Loreal Lipstick in Pure Amaranthe l INR 995

This lipstick is from Loreal's Stars Pure Reds collection and was curated by Chinese actress Gong Li. In spite of the finish being pigmented matte, the lipstick is very lightweight on the lips, and super flattering on the tan skin. Stays on my lips for 5 hours after which the lipstick starts to crumble and settle into my fine lines.

Bath and Body Works 3 Wick Autumn Candle l $22

This 3 wick candle was a part of my huge BBW semi-annual sale haul. A much as I suck at describing scents here is my pathetic attempt: This candle smells like candied apple, slightly sweet with a hint of sourness. The throw and silage of this candle is awesome and the smell fills up my entire bedroom.
Scent description from the BBW website: Bright red apple, cedarwood, and notes of fir balsam.

Elle Magazine l INR 150

Cosmo remains my No:1, my BAE, Elle comes a close second. This month, I have been enjoying reading the magazine which has model Sayani Gupta on the cover. I am less of a fashion enthusiast and more of a beauty junkie, so when I get a magazine, I instantaneously go to the beauty section.

What products are you currently loving?

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