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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Life ain't easy for a makeup-loving girl in a tier-2 city like Cochin. People and nature (read humidity) conspire against you every single day. You think you are winning the battle by applying all-matte products, but you ain't fooling the humidity.

Managing natural beauty advocates (aunty/uncle/friend/stranger) is a different ball game altogether. From convincing people that makeup does not equate to a boyfriend/husband with a fat paycheck to acting all "I can buy my own makeup" to the occasional crazy "show me where you store your makeup" questions and in between all this, life can be pretty non-waterproof.

My wing does not define who I am nor does my crimson-red lipstick (it's crimson-red, not just any red!). I am a strong independent woman whose only worry apart from the dinner menu is an uneven eyeliner and unblended eyeshadow.

My phone is filled with pictures of multi-colored items in varying lighting, so what!!! I am a RAD beauty blogger in the making. So next time, you come over asking me to help you with your eye shadow, mind you, I can make or break your look.

Of random strangers asking me about products in the market or SAs giving me a ring in the middle of the night, I find quite a pride in my love towards art (Makeup = ART (ie, painting on the face))

You think it's easy to see international bloggers raving about the new Tarte Rainforest collection, but it's not. To go rounds on Facebook to find that friend (I take back my comments on un-friending you, cause we hardly knew each other in college) who is returning to India in 2 months and then convincing them to carry the newly-launched makeup, that my friend is tough !!! and above all, the Customs charging us poor beauty bloggers duty which makes international shopping a scene from the Nightmare on the Elm Street.
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We have it tough, we have it hard, not to mess, just for laughs!

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