Gulity as Charged

Thursday, October 25, 2018

If the beauty police were to arrest me today, for any of the below said charges, I would confess and be pleading guilty as charged.

Applying Dark Foundation
A lot of people, including me strongly digress light shade of foundation. With pigmentation around the mouth area, it becomes tough to find a match. In the end, I resort to a darker shade foundation that matches the mouth area.

Rubbing My Under-Eye 
I do know that under-eye area is sensitive and needs a lot of attention. I really work my way to remove my kajal for which I vigorously rub my under-eye with makeup remover. The eye creams are  like an afterthought, something that I apply when the dryness become unbearing.

Chipped Nail Paint
I somehow have tough time with my nail, both finger and toe nails, it's an absolute nightmare while growing out (much more notorious than my teenage self), it either grows outward, or breaks out in a matter of weeks. Same is the case of toe nails, I hardly shower any care on nails, let alone painting them, I usually run around in the same nail paint for 2-3 months straight!

Exfoliating My Lips
I don't exfoliate my lips before applying lip products which in turn leaves crusty white patches on the rim of my lip line. On googling, I found out that these are in fact dead skin that needs to be exfoliated.

Threading Eyebrows
I am not an excessive eyebrow person, I get my eyebrow threaded only when an event comes up and I have to have to look like I am born with the perfectly arched eyebrow and not part of the Walking Dead's zombie cast, until then I let my eyebrow grow wild and multiply their little hairy family!

So these are the beauty crimes that I am guilty of. What are yours?   

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