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Friday, November 9, 2018

If like me, you live by the mantra #FasunIsMyPasun {hashtag credits: @nehadoodles} but don't believe in spending tons of cash on unaffordable-fast fashion, read on!

I was smitten by a particular earring, that was retailing around INR 1200 ($ 15) at Zara. I had the item in my checkout cart for the longest time, but then my brain somehow didn't allow me to make the purchase.

One fine day, I casually searched for "Zara earring" on AliExpress website, and boom! a world full of 'earropportunities' opened up. AliExpress is an online platform that connects Chinese sellers to potential buyers. I placed my order on August 14th, (the items were purchased from different sellers) and I received my items between 2 weeks to a month's time. So before you get all excited and make your purchase let's analyze some Pros and Cons.


  1. Price, Price, Price 🤑 : It won't come cheaper than this!  
  2. Refund Policy♻: AliExpress has a good refund policy, wherein which buyer protection is enabled for a 2 month period. In case, the item goes missing or doesn't reach you within the stipulated time frame, you can raise a dispute with the seller, and most oblige to either refund or replace the items.


  1. Shipping Time📦: Unless, you are purchasing items for your best friend's wedding, next week, you are good. Shipping times may vary based on seller; Most reach you in 7 days to 1-month time frame.  
  2. Finish😤: As for the quality, you cannot expect an Iphone at Nokia 1100's price. The finish is of far less quality than the original, for example, if you look carefully, you can see that the thread on the earring is uneven.
💡Smart Tip: If you like something, but would want it in a weeks time, check Shein for the earrings. The earrings might be a tad bit costly, but at least you have a guaranteed delivery timeline.


When buying accessories from AliExpress, check for:
  • Read the policies accurately. What does the seller offer in terms of buyer protection?
  • The same items are sold at different price tags by different sellers, so go over few sellers to ascertain the lowest price.
  • Check for Shipping Charges. Most sellers ship items to India for free using standard post, but there are a few sellers who charge a small amount. If an item has Shipping Charge, search for a different seller.
  • Ensure the seller has adequate reviews.
  • Check/read through reviews and actual pictures posted by real users.
  • Payment is via PayPal or Credit Card. Check the transaction rates carefully before ordering as most items are listed in US Dollars.

Let's get into the haul, shall we?

Item 1: Maroon Tassel Earring

Price : $1 (INR 75)

Note: The threads are uneven. The top round portion of the earring is easily detachable, making the earring difficult to manage.

Item 2: Red Beaded Earring

Price: $2.82 (INR 210)

Note: This is the earring that started the snowball effect. I have the same earring in Blue (purchased via Shein)

Item 3: Multi Color Tassel Earring

Link To Buy
Price: $1.68 (INR 126)

Note: This is a replica of the earring that is sold in HnM. The threads are uneven.

Item 4: Pink Beaded Tassel Earring

Price: $2.88 (INR 216)

Note: This earring was part of ZARA's last seasonal campaign (inspired by African tribal  jewellery). The stud portion of the earring is made of metal, and not beads. This earring is very heavy.

Item 5: Geometric Green Earring

Price: $2 (INR 150)

Note: Probably, the most practical and most worn item from this haul. Again part of ZARA's last seasonal campaign.

Item 6: Red Tassel Earring with Rhinestone stud

Price: $1.5 (INR 100)

Note: Least favorite out of the lot. The threads are coming off and also the rhinestone stud looks cheap and tacky.

So, did you like something from this haul? Have you shopped from AliExpress? What are your thoughts?

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