Nykaa x Shreyaa Jain Master class

Friday, December 14, 2018

Nykaa comes to Cochin (Ground Floor, LULU Mall, Edapally), hallelujah!!! When Shreyaa Jain, one of the biggest beauty YouTuber in the Indian beauty space announced a master class contest on her Insta, I couldn't let the chance slip by! I posted a picture of my favorite highlighter and contour duo and was selected as a winner for attending her master class. The event was held at Le Meridian Convention Center followed by Meet and Greet which was an open event.

Instagram post that got me selected for the Master Class

The theme of the master class was "Beachy Bombshell"🏖💣 look. Here are five things I learnt from the master class that I think you should know.

1. Moisturize: As an oily skin person, I have always ignored the moisturization step in my skincare routine. Well, hello, self produced oil mines, I don't need an additional level of moisturization to make me feel more oily. But as Shreyaa puts in, applying a moisturizer is a cue for the skin to stop producing more oil. Sometimes, dehydration can be the cause for your sebum glands to produce more oil. Finding the right moisturizer can be quite tricky for oily skin peeps though. Currently, I am loving the Belif Aqua Bomb moisturizer for oily skin.

2. Apply Products From Center of the Face: Always apply face products from the center of your face towards the perimeter, this is to ensure that the focus is on the most prominent features of your face. I am guilty of not following this step religiously as my nose tends to sweat excessively if products are piled on.

3. Baking: Baking with powder will help set the base product. If you feel that applying layers of powder can make your product look lighter than what it is, that is not the case. The powder will react well with the naturally producing oil on your skin and adjust accordingly.

4. Tube on the Lips 🗢: If you are someone who is paranoid about applying Tester product, a quick tip is to place the tube on your lips to get an idea on how the lipstick will look against your skin. If the tube is not transparent, open up the bullet completely and place over the lips.

5. Facial Mist as Setting Spray: Facial mist/toners as setting sprays will help powders settle down, taking away any powdery feel. Also the facial mist is good for your skin.

6. Reverse Contouring: If you are someone who can't contour your nose for the heck of it, reverse contouring is the way to go. Apply a lighter shade concealer on the sides of your nose to achieve the same desired effect as contouring.

Some Pics From the Event 

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