Lipsticks on Rotation

Thursday, January 24, 2019

I am someone who carries their world: mother, daughter, 🐶 (OK exaggeration much, I don't have a pet, you get the point right?). I carry at least three lipsticks at any given time, lipsticks to cover all my moods. I rotate my lipsticks every other week and these are the ones currently nesting in my makeup pouch.

I apply a random, mood-adjusted lipstick when I leave for office. The additional ones (showcased here) are backups, or Round 2 lipsticks that come in handy to touch up after a heavy lunch or gossiping session.

L-R: Tarte, MUFE, Colourpop

Tarte Quench Lip Rescue in Nu*e l INR1500

It is a very high-sheen lipbalm that is one part sticky and one part hydrating. The shade Nu*e is a muted pink. Don’t expect high color payment, this is moreover meant to be a hydrating and easy to apply formula. My office is blessed with a centralized AC system that sucks the warm joy out of human souls. By the end of the first hour, the skin and lips become dry and parched.

I prefer a hydrating lipbalm, as it allows me to apply them without the hassle of a mirror and without having to get my lazy bum off my chair.

Colourpop Sheen Lipstick in Safari l $5

The Colorpop lipstick in the shade "Safari" (now discontinued) is a variant of the above category, but with a high pigment finish and less tackiness. The color is one of those hard to find, in-your dreams peach that looks good on the tan skin tone. Again, what attracts me to this formula is that it is very hydrating, and allow me to apply my lipstick without having to fuss over stained teeth or splotchy lips. Colorpop has discontinued this formula much to my dismay.

The is the bad boy on this list. Costing a whopping 1500 Rupees, the formula is creamy and glides on like a dream, but its matte formula sibling, died a painful split death owing to fungal attack. I am very particular about keeping this in my handbag to ensure, they too don’t suffer the same fate. The color is a muted, flesh-toned beige that can border on walking dead lips based on the skin tone.

Nevertheless, this is a shade that is best accepted around an office environment. This formula stays on the lips on an average 3-4 hours before it starts clumping together on the lip rim. If you want to invest in a lipstick, I would suggest you go for a matte finish than the creamy one.


That's all folks, so are you a lipstick hoarder like me? Leave your comments below!

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