Once upon a time

Saturday, August 27, 2011

These were my favorite pair of jumkas from about 4 years back and today dug em up from my backup box after a long long time. I was quite confused about the pair of earrings I wanted to wear with my purple/black salwar suit for my colleagues wedding for tomorrow. The shawl I was supposed to pair with the suit had delicate gold thread work and that kind of screech halted my decision to wear black+silver earrings. I am a traditionalist when it comes to GOLD/SILVER pairing. I cannot seem to like the idea of pairing silver/gold earring with gold/silver toned dresses respectively. With limited purple options in my jewellery box I was contemplating the idea of buying a new earring. Well, to buy something new just for a wedding didn't seem feasible so I scrambled through my BACK-UP box for inspiration. The purple+gold earring is a perfect match for the salwar suit and I am plain excited.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Do you have a piece of jewelery that’s seldom worn, seldom is quite an overrated word I would prefer NEVER? . Have you bought something just cause you liked it on someone, felt it would suit you well up in your head, the particular thing was on SALE, felt an urge, cause you mom had taught you that it was inappropriate to leave a store without picking up anything, you would reach your monthly shopping budget with this piece?. Well, I have ton’s of things like that. Things that eat up half of my shelf space, things that I bought before for thinking the fact that in future I may have to move from a METRO to a sleepy town and the very thing won’t be accepted as it is, things I bought cause they made me look pretty but, never did justice.

When it comes to earrings it’s not just one or two but a box full of brand new earrings waiting to be worn but, never made the CUT. The ones I am showcasing for now are old ones, the only relief part. For the sake of making enough space for my new earrings I gave away some of my never used ones to my cousins. Still, whole lot of earrings are waiting for salvation. There are some special ones, that I refuse to part with no matter how rusty they have become cause they have a story that links me to them and I simply refuse to cut the last piece of memory that hold the special moment.

This one is something I would love love wearing considering the fact that I own very less number of studs .Plain love is not enough right, the earring is extremely heavy and it does make my ear hole sack, making it highly impractical to wear.

I love everything that is silver and still, why did I ignore these funky-Indianised pair for so long?.Must have been years I guess since I wore them or wait a second have I ever wore them?*Confused*

The next one was love at first sight but, it ended up in the back up box, cause it turned out to be chunkier that what I expected.

This one I don’t know why I ended up buying but, it’s definitely not my taste L.

This particular earring came with it’s tribal necklace counterpart. I have used the necklace quite a few number of times but, the earrings not even once. Though the set was not bought for the earrings, I cannot ignore the fact that I ended up paying for both, so I have to start using it.

The Indian Job

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I love my job, this was not the sentiment few months back. I would return from work frumpy, frustrated and absolutely hating the fact that I have to wake up, get ready for the battle next day and go to a place I hate the most:OFFICE.
What is your official earring style?studs, hoops,simple, understated,bold, loud ya elegant?Mine would be a mix of all these and days when I go loud(which by the way happens quite a lot) I get lots of stares. I walk through the corridor dodging evil eyes. Most of the people just don't accept me and my earrings the way we are. This is something that I wore to office last day.

I like how silver clashes with the bright red of the beads.

Do you think it's too big and loud for a corporate environment?


Monday, August 15, 2011

I love love love exploring the vast expansiveness, the retail world has to offer. I can spend an entire day doing nothing but, just gazing at these picture and recreating various looks up in my head. I follow a large number of fashion bloggers and I have noticed quite a few names that come up quite often in accessories section. So, I took a plunge and typed away Forever21 which opened up a bright, cheery, colorful world filled with accessories. And from what I saw up until page 30(Was too tired after that) these are few earring that I loved.

The black finish hoop, perfect for a night out with girlfriends.

Elegance and poise two words that strikes me when I see this beauty. Perfect with a log chiffon gown.

Hippie style, something that I would wear to college ( 2 years..*sigh*).

Forever21 has this whole section devoted to feathers.Personally, I am not comfortable wearing feathers in my ears.Nevertheless this edgy peacock earrings are a sure shot head turner at cocktail parties.

The feather earrings shouts elegance, something like this I would wear for a dinner date.
The fun earrings are perfect for a day-mall shopping spree. Casual and laid back.
The earrings remind me of my office, simple and perfect for those must impress power meetings.
I would wear these red beauties with a plain kurtha and let my earrings do all the talking :).
Again an Indianised earring, something as gorgeous as this should be paired with a no fuss churidhar so that the earrings will stand out.
Aah!!! last but not the least a gorgeous beaded hoop (This one steals my heart ). Wear it with a simple gold pallu saree and you are all set to rock the family function.

Do you have any ideas on how these beauties can be styled?. If so do let me know. Well, Forever21 doesn't have shipping to India (*Sob*). I have to go all the way to Delhi if I have to get my hands on these beauties which I will be in a months time :).

PS:- All the above earrings costs less than $5.00 ie, Rs.250 max which is way less than what I pay for my normal earrings.

Image courtesy: Forever21 site.

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