What's in my bag 2014

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

If you put your hand into the deep black hole called MY BAG, you would come out with something totally crazy, it's more like pulling out a bunny from a magician's hat. I am no magician, but my bag is certainly a hat with endless possibilities.

The one thing, like many other things that is a staple in my bag is my vanity bag or my makeup rounded, compressed and packed into a small pouch. It contains all the essentials required to transform my 9-5 look to a diva look in about 5 minutes.

I bought this bag from Max, and this was part of a babushka doll bag, I got 5 bags at 150 bucks, each of which was placed within. This is the 3rd bag in the series.Now for the contents of the bag

  • Maybelline BB Cream: Its a pain to carry one's compact or foundation on a day to day basis. I require only light to medium coverage, and hence BB cream fits the bill. Gives me light coverage and polished look.
  • Lakme Eyeconic Kajal: Kajal can make or break your look. You can simply line your lids for a pane jane look or slightly smudge  it for a look fit for the evening. Eyeconic kajal is dark, smudge proof, and stays put for a long time.
  • Marks and Spencer Autograph Blush perfume: Who would want to smell like sweaty tomatoes. Though the smell of peonies and lilies doesn't last very long, the handy travel sized bottle is apt for a quick whiff of floral air.
  • MAC lipstick in Creme in your coffee: MLBB, MUST HAVE...that's it, no more adjectives required for one of a kind awesome lippy.

           Note: I have been carrying MAC See Sheer a lot, for the past couple of weeks.
  • Maybelline Baby lips in Pink Lolita: For that pouty, pinky, pretty, hydrated baby like              lips....Maybelline baby lips it is.
  • L'occitane solid perfume in cherry blossom: Not a big fan, cause the staying power is pretty low. Bought it, considering the travel I do, and the long vision of a broken glass bottle, but it let me down and I am back to my trusty old glass bottle.
  • Clean and clear oil control film: An un-necessary evil, that was brought of a rack owing to  a beauty blogger's review, but my skin being a dry disco ball, doesn't need much of bulb control.

  •    Misc:

  • Earring from Forever New: Because I sometimes keep forgetting to wear one.
  • Some safety pins
  • Apart from the ones listed above I always carry my Body ShopAlmond hand cream, a comb, Lifebuoy hand sanitizer, Orbit chewing gum, some hair clips and whole lotta medicines in another pouch. Don't be surprised by the amount of meds I carry, the tag medicine woman was not bestowed upon me without a reason :). 

Do let me know what you guys carry in your beauty pouch.

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