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Monday, November 12, 2012

May be I am the last person on planet E to review ASOS.Was I living under a rock to have missed the amazing offers and pretty items for all this time?. Better late than never right???.

ASOS or As Seen On Screen was established in June 2000. ASOS is the UK's largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer, offering over 40,000 branded and own label product lines across womenswear - including dresses , shoes , jewellery , lingerie and beauty - and menswear, including jeans , t-shirts , shoes and shirts. (Source:ASOS Site)

Fabia from shoes and shocks ran an article on ASOS, few weeks back focusing on their mega autumn sale. I have never got around shopping at ASOS, even after discovering their wide collections two years back. It can be attributed to the fact that my card is maestro, one which is not accepted by any international shopping sites *Thank You SBI!!!*.

I picked up a few items from the SALES section , I rang up my darling hubby who agreed to pay this one time. He told me he would pay after I reach back home . Sadly, few of the items in my cart got sold off in matter of hours. Each time I log on, I found one item less and after a point I was on verge of tears, cause I knew by the time I reach home the remaining two would also be sold out. On my way back I received a call from my hubby telling me that he has already payed for the two items in my cart. Thank you husby.....

So lets see what I ordered:
  • ASOS Side Metal Bar Clutch in Teal
  • ASOS Pearl Triangle Stud Earrings in Silver
The Clutch cost me $10 and the studs cost around $6. Pretty decent amount, so thumbs up for that. I placed the order on October 12th and I immediately received a mail confirming the same. Further, I received a mail om October 15th that my order has been dispatched through royal mail and would reach Bangalore on or before October 29th. Though I was cool about the whole purchase, my husby wasn't so sure.... 10 days later he went into a panic mode and kept on asking me about the purchase. On 29th, home after work I saw a package placed near my door. I knew it!!!it was my parcel from ASOS. Husby did ask me if the people had given me a call or emailed me regarding the delivery. He felt that the company should have let me known but what the hell!!. The wrapping was standard, I could see small carboard tears.

Both my items wear nicely bubble wrapped. My earring especially came in a small box inside which it was again bubble wrapped.

 The items are exactly as depicted in the site. The quality wise also, they score a perfect 10.

Would I shop from them again. yeah!!!!. What do you think about my purchases?. Have you shopped from ASOS yet?.

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