L.A Girl PRO.conceal Review

Friday, July 24, 2015


How does it feel to conceal those distracting dark under-eye circle? I use MAC Moisture Select correcter and MAC Studio Fix correcter both in NC45 to offset my under-eye circles. The usual concealing videos on YouTube suggests using a concealer 1 or 2 shades lighter than ones' skin tone, where as I was using 2-3 shade darker/orangish concealer.

Orangish or salmon shade concealers are used to correct or offset the grayish tone of the under-eye circles. I did try using a lighter shade concealer, but it ended up looking ashy. If you don't have an issue with under-eye circles, and just need something to brighten up the under-eye, then a shade or two lighter concealer would work.

Now what if you need the best of both worlds?, correct and then brighten and top it off with a setting powder to avoid creasing. Warning: This would obviously make you under eye more heavy and cakey though.

My hunt for a brightening concealer was on, something that would not make my under eye ashy. I read lot of reviews and finally decided to purchase LA Girl PRO.conceal, the cheapest, but the best concealer available in drugstore category.

I bought mine from BeautyJoint for 3 dollar each and after a moth of going foundation-less, but just concealer, I have decided to write a review. I bought the shades, Medium Beige (Lighten than my skin tone), Warm Honey (My skin tone) and Fawn (Darker than my skin tone).

 Packaging: The concealer comes in a plastic tube with a brush like tip. The black cap tightly shuts the brush, and keeps it protected from dust.You have to squeeze the plastic tube, to get product out of your brush tip. You get 0.25 OZ of product for 3 dollars.

The applicator disperses product unevenly, and product dispersal is not consistent for all the tubes. Fawn had to be pressed harder to get the product out as compared to the other two. The product comes out through the side of the applicator, making it slightly messy.



Product: The product applies evenly, and needs to be blended in the first 3 minutes, because after that it dries out and becomes a pain to blend. It provides, medium coverage and does not settle into fine lines if dusted with a powder. Stays for 7+ hours (humid tropical climate) on my skin (combination skin with slight shininess around the nose area).


 Application: Apply it in a triangular shape under your eye and blend it in. I use Elf concealer brush for blending. If needed, slightly powder on top.                        



12 Things Only a Makeup Loving Girl Would Understand

Friday, July 17, 2015

 1. When you lament that the international launches will never make its way to India.

2. You never have that perfect shade of pink lipstick to match that dress.
3. Your wallet runs away in the opposite direction every time you visit the store "JUST TO SEE" the new collection.

4. When the SAs address you by name, and secretly saves the last piece of LE item just for you.
5. You can never understand why anyone would be a plain jane for the wedding, hello!!! I spend an hour just perfecting my contour.

6. You get tired of listening to random people say "how much do you spend on makeup?". I work my ass off b**ch, that's how!!!

7. Just when you think you mastered contouring, strobing is the new contouring.

8.You secretly cringe on seeing uneven winged liner.

9. You hate humidity and sweat, cause your hard work will just melt of in a matter of hours.
10. You skip office to collect that last piece of LE item.
11. You just apply makeup days in advance to perfect the smokey eye, and then wipe of 3 hours of hard work in 5 minutes.
12. You speak so passionately about makeup, only to find the people around you in deep sleep.

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Beauty Hacks I Would Tell My Younger Self

Sunday, July 5, 2015

As a teenager, I was studious, and a teacher’s pet. I was so caught up enjoying my school and college phase that I hardly spend any time on myself. I would just wear some crap, and go to college, looking like an ordinary girl. Moving out to a hostel to pursue my Post graduation, I was surprised by the time and effort some girls took to maintain themselves, right from applying curd on the face to washing the hair with green gram. I would find it amusing and declared to the world, I want nothing from that part of the world. I didn't know that 5 years later, I would prove myself wrong.

So here are 6 beauty hacks that I would tell my younger self:

  • Sunscreen is bae: As a teenager, I never used to use umbrella even in tropical climate. I should have realized the importance of using an umbrella, or even wearing a sunscreen. Years later when I went to see my dermatologist to treat my uneven skin tone, he attributed the discoloration to years of sun damage.

    Courtesy: Inhabit.com/ google
  • DO NOT Shampoo the Hair End: As a teenager, the biggest mistake I used to do is, shampooing the hair end excessively. Do not, I repeat do not do it. Use a mild shampoo to wash off your scalp and with the foam generated rinse your ends. Apply a conditioner to your hair end and wash the hair with lukewarm water.
    Courtesy: Brazilian-hair.us/ google
  • Do not take a shower in pipping hot water: I love hot hot water to take a shower in, I still do, but hot shower makes the skin excessively dry. I wish, I could smack 20 years old Opal’s head and tell her not to shower in hot water even when the temperature outside was 34 degree Celsius.
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  • Home Pedicure heals: Our legs go through so much of torture every day, so I wish I could have taken better care of my legs. My heels are not as parched and cracked, but a little pampering should have made them look even better. If you can’t afford to shell out a salon pedicure, ensure you do a home pedi and mani every month. There are tons of tutorials available online.
Courtesy: Zents.com/google
  • DO NOT fry your hair: I never did it extensively, but I so wanted straight hair, and I used Iron box to straighten out my hair. Straightened hair was so in vogue 7-8 years back. I still thank my stars and my parents' bank balance that I never went in for permanent hair straightening inspite of all the so called salon aunties suggesting me to go for the straightening method to tame my hair. I gave away my ironing road to my mom recently because, I haven’t been using it for the last few years. In case, I want to straighten my hair for any special events, I go to a Salon to get it done, and ensure the hair expert uses ample heat protection spray.
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  • Love thy self: This is the most important thing, I want to emphasis. I used to hate the way my hair looked. I have now come to a juncture in my life, where I am quite happy with the way my hair looks.  Always remember, there is always someone, who would do anything  to be in your shoes. Be happy and proud of who you are!

My top 6 scents

Thursday, July 2, 2015

It's raining cats and dogs here in Kerala and here is a lil secret, that is not a secret anymore!!!In Kerala, we have only 2 seasons throughout the year, Summer and Monsoon!!! two weeks into the monsoon season and I am done with it. On that side note, let me bring to you my top 6 scents. If you are to ask me, my scent preference, I would pause for a second......hmmmmmmm....it can get quite confusing cause, in the perfume category, I prefer sweet-floral, not so for my body lotion, I prefer warm scents, not so for room freshener, cause I like fresh scents....got the drift right!!!

1. Lifestyle Homecentre Vanilla Candle: Previously featured in my one of my Monthly Favorites posts, this is one of my favorite candles to burn. I own few BBW candles, but nothing compares to the warm vanilla scent of this candle. The silage is quite great too. I have finished burning two of these candles. Very inexpensive if you buy during Sales.

2. Palmolive Thermal Spa Skin Renewal Body Wash (Crush Coconut and Jojoba butter): Coconut?! I am from 'Kera' la, which translates to 'The land of coconut', do I need to elaborate? this body wash is creamy, nutty and warm, perfect for a bath after that tiring long day. It has been featured in my favorites before. The smell lingers for hours after-shower.

3. Miss. Dior Eue De Parfum: I went in to buy Chanel No.5, one whiff and the perfume reminded me of old haunted abandoned houses, I waltzed off to the Dior counter. Miss. Dior was the first perfume I smelled, kept it back as I wanted to break the sweet-floral perfume trend. I billed J'dore, but couldn't stop thinking about Miss. Dior, finally, went and billed this one too. I don't regret that big dent in my pocket even once cause, this smells amazing. It feels as if I am walking through a flower garden. It has the right balance of floral and sweetness.

4. Godrej Aer Room Freshener in Morning: I have always used Odonil, but recently switched to Aer Morning. The scent is clean and floral, that instill happiness. Its light weight and doesn't spritz white bubbles like Odonil.

5. BBW Sensual Amber Body Cream: Warm and musky, this body lotion is a winter exclusive scent. Its rich (smell wise) and creamy and a little goes a long way. I can smell the creaminess in this body lotion. I was first introduced to this by my mom, who loved this ( we have similar scent preference) . I searched for this high and low, and found this two months before at my Goodwill store.

6. Cinnamon Powder: My obsession with cinnamon scent is REAL people, I mean, cinnamon stick in rice, the aroma, the taste! I can't quite pinpoint, but I love me some cinnamon in coffee, and also bread toast. Its the warm woody smell that I love.

So these are my top 6 scents, what are yours?

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