Skin Care Trial : Take 1

Friday, February 24, 2017

I have been trying tons of new skin care stuff, some more recent than others. This Skin Care Trials: Take 1 post is meant as a general update, just to introduce you guys to some of the new skincare items I have been trying out. I will check back with you guys on how these products worked for my oily skin after 3 months.

Just Herbs Kimsukadi Oil l INR 1445

Just Herbs is my favorite affordable Indian skincare brand. I snagged the Kimsukadi Oil when it was pre-released in October and have been using it since. 

Ingredients: The oil is made with the goodness of sandalwood, vetiver, nagkesar (Indian-rose chestnut), lac, Sacred Lotus Flower, Banyan roots, Padma Kesar, Henna, Turmeric root, Indian Sassaparilla and Patang, Indian Madder, Mulethi, Vetiver and Himalayan Wild Cherry in cold-pressed sesame oil.

Packaging: Comes in a glass bottle with a dispenser; not a great travel companion. 

UsageOil is probably the last step in my skincare routine. I take 2-3 drops of oil in my palm and apply it evenly on my skin as the final step in my night routine.

Performance: This oil is very light, has a light golden yellow tinge and smells like sesame oil. The product is absorbed quickly and gives a well rested and hydrated look to the skin, the next day. The oil is more suited for combination to dry/dehydrated skin type girls. 

Sephora Instant Moisturization + Cream l $23

I wanted a moisturizer for the longest time and purchased this product based on the recommendations from the Bangalore Sephora MUA. I regret the decision to purchase the product from Sephora India, as it is freaking expensive (INR 3400) here.

Ingredients: Sephora moisturizer contains hydraulic acid- a powerful humectant (aka moisture-binding ingredient) that keeps the skin plump and hydrated. 

Packaging: Comes in a plastic tub with an additional plastic protective cover. Scooping out the product with fingers feel unhygienic, though.

Usage: This is my day time moisturizer and most of the times, I mix it with my sunscreen for quick application *Lazy Girl Alert*.

Performance: It is an extremely thick moisturizer that gives more than enough hydration to my oily skin. One of my friends who has extremely flaky skin used it and loved it. This product is more suited for dry skin girls. Oily skin girls can also make this product work if used in small proportions. If I weigh the cost factor, only a small dollop of product is required and hence the 50 ml of product will last for a long time.

Pixi Glow Tonic l INR 1600

I purchased this product off Cult Beauty.

Ingredients: Contains Aloe Juice, Witch Haze Extract, Glycolic Acid, Glycerine, Ginseng Root Extract, Urea, etc. Glycolic acid falls in the AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) group and is effective in treating fine lines, wrinkles, oiliness etc. Glycolic Acid is a major component in chemical peels and is safe if used in lower concentration (if you use the product daily).
The only component that may put of few people is Urea, but Urea is used to treat dehydrated skin.

Packaging: Comes in a 250 ml plastic packaging. A small hole on top of the bottle dispenses the right amount of product

Usage: I apply a teeny bit on a cotton pad, and apply it in a sweeping motion on my face and neck. I use it every alternate day after removing the makeup.

Performance: The lightweight liquid effectively removes any dirt and grime on the face. As for the claims of tightening the skin, I don't notice much of a difference. Also, the product smells like Jasmine (I think it is Ginseng probably) and feels very refreshing on the skin.

Fresh Face Mask l $62

Fresh Cleanser + Face Mask kit was a birthday sampler from Sephora. 

: Infused with real rose petals and rosewater, the product hydrates and tones the skin. Other ingredients include Cucumber extract, green tea, etc.

Packaging: Comes in a plastic tub with additional plastic protection.

Usage: The Fresh face mask is my quick fix during the days when I need an instant solution for my dull skin. I use it every now and then when I need a change in the normal routine. I apply the mask, wait for 20 minutes for the mask to dry, and then wash off with normal water.

Performance A very thin mask that smells like roses. You can see the rose petals and smells like roses too. The mask makes my face super fresh and supple post-wash. I wouldn't repurchase as the product is extremely costly.

Innisfree Face Masks l INR 100 -150

I purchased Innisfree face masks when Nykaa had a 'Buy 10, Get 10' offer. This is extremely helpful for those who have sinus and reacts to cold face masks.

Ingredients: Contains Water, Glycerine, Rose Extract, Grapefruit Extract, Castor Oil, Fragrance, etc.

Packaging: Comes in a disposable plastic cover and the face mask is protected by a plastic coating.

Usage: Remove the coating and apply on the face as per the instruction. Once dry, take off and let the serum on the face air dry. I use a sheet two times, I store the opened sheet in the fridge and use it the next day. I usually use masks only during the weekends.

PerformanceThe mask provides a quick hydration and glow to the skin. Very inexpensive and worth the moolahs.

So, have you used any of the above products? If yes, how did it work for you?

My Top 5 Palettes

Thursday, February 2, 2017

I am an eyeshadow palette junkie, not that I can create YouTube -worthy looks every day, but something about the thought that goes into creating a palette inspires me. For this countdown, I will be considering only pre-made palettes.

Here are my top 5 palettes purely based on usability, versatility, performance, and color scheme.

5. Zoeva Caramel Melange l $27

A relatively newer palette in my arsenal and for that matter ranked at number 5 is this inexpensive 10 pan palette from Zoeva. This palette is on par with most high-end palettes, shadows are very blendable, pigmented and long wearing.The color selection varies from Wax Paper (brow bone highlight), Alchemy/Start soft/Finish Sensual/Aftertaste/Universal Delight (crease shades), 182c/Liquid Centre/Almost Burnt/Edible Gem (lid shades) that would enable you to create different looks.

4. ABH Master Palette by Mario l $45 l Link

The much raved, LE, ABH Master Palette by Mario by Mario Dedivanovic, Kim Kardashian's makeup artist. Much like Mario's style, the palette has a lot of shimmers and very muted ones at that. The palette offers a wide variety of muted, toned down shades. The only downside? There is something lacking in this palette, probably a dark matte shade. It is difficult to get a wide range of looks as most colors look alike. The shadows are buttery soft, blends really well and are very pigmented.

3. Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly l $36 l Link

This palette was initially launched as a limited edition product, inspired by the colors of Peanut Butter and Jelly. The product broke the internet and Too Faced was forced to bring it back in 2016 fall. This palette comes in a tin like packaging making it a sturdy travel companion. The palette consists of 9 shades, Peanut Butter and Nuts About U are the perfect crease shades for tan skin, Bananas and Peanut Brittle as the lid shades. Jelly (purple with glitter) brings in the much-needed color to the otherwise muted palette.

2. MUG X Manny MUA l $45 l Link

Love him, hate him, but you just can't ignore him. This was a limited edition collaboration between MUG and Manny MUA which became a runaway hit and for all the right reasons. This palette is very well thought through, considering all the colors suits people from fair to medium-tan skin tone. Also, the right mix of matte and shimmers makes it a complete palette. This palette has everything from browns to pinks to duo chrome to fiery red, making it a 10/10 palette.

1. ABH Shadow Couture World Traveler l $30 l Link

My No.1 palette for 2 years in a row. This palette was my first encounter with ABH eyeshadows and what can I say, the quality of the shadow is amazing, the color selection varies from matte, pressed glitter, shimmer, to satin. Be a neutral look or a colorful look, this palette can do it all. Sadly, this was a limited edition palette. Morocco and Fudge (also available as individual pans) are my JAM and pink champagne is my favorite eyeshadow of ALL-TIME!

So these are my top 5 picks? What are yours?

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