Thursday, July 19, 2012

The aqua earring is a recent purchase from Forever New. The earring screamed class and elegance and I just had to buy it. Forever New has pretty decent collection of earrings and the best part is : They have online shopping option so, you can shop until you drop from within the comforts of your home (Review in my next post). The earring is priced at 500, I bought it for 250 after sales price. You can score similar earring in delish shades from their site.

Original image from the site

Also, these are few other earrings that had my attention

Couldn't resist the temptation of posting the pic of this lovely bracelet.
Stay tuned for my review on online shopping experience with forever new.

All the way from Singapore

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This is something my team mate cum lead cum friend cum sister cum...... (Enough of adjectives I guess) Lakz bought for herself from Singapore. Currently, this pretty lady is on deputation to Singapore. This is one of the 3 chains she bought for 10 Sing Dollars.

The moment I saw the image, what got onto me was the color. The color is absolute delish...emerald green had always been one of those colors that makes the wearer look royal. Adding to the beauty of the chain is that rustic gold shade. Lakz keep sending us pretty pictures of stuffs you haul from Singapore.

What do you guys think?


Friday, July 6, 2012

STORY: I have been waiting for the day for quite some time now. The moment I received mail from Zara regarding their sales, I rang up my darling hubby and coo-cooed him  into taking me to Zara Bangalore (ITPL:PHOENIX CITY) store.

All I wanted was to grab the stuff on day 1 before, the whole of Bangalore came whaling by. After leaving office early, I reached midway to meet my husband who inspite of a busy schedule at office agreed to take me to ITPL.

We reached the store by 6 and by then the store was mediumly crowded, not the kind of picture that I had made up in my mind. I expected long queues and ladies fighting it out to grab stuffs on rack. The real scenario was completely different. The store had mostly elite crowd and few new excited buyers (LIKE ME).


  • If you love stilettos then this is the sale to go to. If you can eat, talk and walk in high heels then Zara is the right place to be in.There were plenty of drop dead gorgeous stilettos, brogues and platforms at unbelievable prices. I picked up a 5 inch heel and showed it to my husband, who literally had his eyeballs popping out. 
What I wanted Orginal price:2790 Sale:1790

ME:"Challo let's buy this beauty"
Hus:"You are never gonna wear it"
Me:"so what, the shoes are gorgeous"
Hus:"No!!don't buy anything which you are not gonna wear. Keep it back"
Me:"*Sad puppy dog face* Can I please buy it?. It's do darn cheap, atleast I can keep seeing it for rest of my life"
Hus:"Typical mallu attitude. Buy only if you plan to wear it. Else it's a big NO"
*Me runs away to another racks swooning*

  • May be it's cause the first day , but the crowd was moderate and that gave me enough time to select things at my own pace, and the trial rooms were easily available.
  • The staff were helpful.
  • All sizes were easily available (Again may be it's cause its the first day)


  • There were very little collection of affordable tops and tees. I mean prior to sales, when I had gone to Zara I had marked quite a few number of tops that I wanted to grab for sales, but none of them were on sale.They had limited collection in tees and tops. Even dresses I was not quite happy with.
So, if you are in hunt of apparels then give this SALE a miss.

  • Accessories:. This is really sad, being an accessories junkie the first thing I wanted to buy was collar necklace and bibs. Almost everything on rack even after discount was above 1000 which was a major put off, but then if you don't mind spending then it's ok.


  1. Jeans (In faded black)
Actual price: 1790
After SALES: 1390

  1. Basic tee
Actual price: 590
After SALE: 390

  1. Coral Lace top
Actual price: 1190
After SALE: 990


  1. Leopard printed tee

Actual price: 990
After SALE: 790


FINAL VERDICT: The SALES is all hype and nothing more. If you are a high street girl then, you will definitely love this sale.

Am I happy with my purchases:Hell yeah

Let me know your favorite purchases from sales.



Monday, July 2, 2012

When you are short of time, when you have multi-million things to post,  with time playing the part of a villain in your life added by the burden of responsibilities I can't blame nothing but the circumstances for not posting here regularly. Times like this, fillers come to my rescue. Fillers are those post that are rotting in my drafts. The one that never make the cut. Fillers have become a time saver and a life saver for this blog.
A regular earring, nothing fancy...I love em because 1.Color 2.Beads

On an un-related post: Sometimes you need something as uncomplicated as a good read to make the day, to get through the monday blues. There are some writers who take me on their lives journey, through their adventures, through their pain.I can never do justice to words like they do. For me, these words are just something to help me cross over and then there are people who seem to weave magic through their words.

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