Gulity as Charged

Thursday, October 25, 2018

If the beauty police were to arrest me today, for any of the below said charges, I would confess and be pleading guilty as charged.

Applying Dark Foundation
A lot of people, including me strongly digress light shade of foundation. With pigmentation around the mouth area, it becomes tough to find a match. In the end, I resort to a darker shade foundation that matches the mouth area.

Rubbing My Under-Eye 
I do know that under-eye area is sensitive and needs a lot of attention. I really work my way to remove my kajal for which I vigorously rub my under-eye with makeup remover. The eye creams are  like an afterthought, something that I apply when the dryness become unbearing.

Chipped Nail Paint
I somehow have tough time with my nail, both finger and toe nails, it's an absolute nightmare while growing out (much more notorious than my teenage self), it either grows outward, or breaks out in a matter of weeks. Same is the case of toe nails, I hardly shower any care on nails, let alone painting them, I usually run around in the same nail paint for 2-3 months straight!

Exfoliating My Lips
I don't exfoliate my lips before applying lip products which in turn leaves crusty white patches on the rim of my lip line. On googling, I found out that these are in fact dead skin that needs to be exfoliated.

Threading Eyebrows
I am not an excessive eyebrow person, I get my eyebrow threaded only when an event comes up and I have to have to look like I am born with the perfectly arched eyebrow and not part of the Walking Dead's zombie cast, until then I let my eyebrow grow wild and multiply their little hairy family!

So these are the beauty crimes that I am guilty of. What are yours?   

Products I Regret Buying

Friday, October 12, 2018

I don't live my life with full of regrets, but yes, I do go into that sweet puppy regret mode post an impulsive purchase, weep uncontrollably about my shrinking bank balance, stuff my face with ice cream, take some pretty Instagram pics, and just move on. I have come to realize that there are certain items in my vanity that I do regret purchasing, either I had fallen into all the marketing traps or enticed by YouTubers telling me how amazing the product was. These are a few items I regret purchasing:

Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick in Androgyny l $18
The whole beauty community raves about the Jeffree star liquid lipstick formula, I on the other hand am not a huge fan. The color by itself is not the most flattering on my tan skin tone. The liquid lipstick formula disappears from the surface of my lips in 2 hours. Also, the smell does not agree with my nose. 

Kylie Holiday Eye Shadow Palette l $42
*This palette is currently sold out on the website.

Kylie has yet another victim. I purchased this palette, after jumping onto the K bandwagon and truth to be told, I have used this palette just once. I just don't seem to reach for these colors, and even if I do want a colored eye shadow I see myself using the Juvia's Place eye shadows more. The colors don't speak to my soul, and neither are they pigmented to give a second try!

MUG Plus Creme Liquid Lipstick l $14

Makeup Geek produces some of my favorite eye shadows and when they launched their new liquid lipsticks, I was excited and wanted to try them so desperately. Sadly, they did not live up to my expectation. The colors, I can live with, the formula was sub-par with the shade disappearing off my lips in a matter of hours, not something I expect my liquid lipsticks to do.

This specific shade, called the 'OLD SOUL👵' make me feel like an old soul, grumpy, dull, and probably bitchy. The color does nothing for my complexion, the grey pigment makes my face look sickly. Additionally, the product comes in a 3ml tube, which is less than your standard liquid lipstick

MAC Prolongwear Fluidline Gel Liner l INR 1450
We have an oldie here, ooh haaai! Make way for felt tip liner ! I used to be a big gel liner junkie, but with age comes maturity and also, less time on hands to get ready, so I switched over to the felt tip liner. My Zoeva and Kat Von D liners are less of a hassle, require less of a plus one (brush), and stays put all day.

The shade is called "Blitz & Glitz", a very appropriate name for a black gel liner pumped up with multi-glitter chunks. The glitter disappears when you apply the product on your eyes.


These are some of the disappointing products I have the bad luck of trying out. Do you have any?

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