Three Stages of Office Makeup

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Recently I was challenged by a colleague of mine to post my office makeup routine online on the blog as he wouldn't believe my everyday makeup routine just takes under 5 minutes. My makeup routine mostly depends on one of the most valuable resources:TIME! and on most days I am short of it. I do occasionally switch up my routine and on 95% of the time, it's either one of the three. Decoding my office makeup for you guys:

4 Minutes Makeup 

Base: Mix MAC Prep and Prime and Photo Bloc (sunscreen) together and apply it as a base.
Eyes: Lakme Eyeconic kajal on the waterline and a colored kajal like Chambor Purple Dazzle on the lower rim for that extra pop of color.
Eyebrows: I love my eyebrows on fleek, and on days when a brush doesn't cut it, I use Maybelline Fashion Brow in Black.
Lips: Nivea Fruity Shine Peach, and I'm out the door.
I apply a muted lipstick shade like MAC See Sheer post lunch.

8 Minutes Makeup

But what if I have some extra time?

Base+: I apply LA Girl Pro Conceal in Warm Honey  to brighten up my under eye area and blend it out with my trusty ELF brush; then I apply Chambor Luminous Loose Power to prevent under-eye creasing.

15 Minutes Makeup

But what if I have some extra extra time? I would probably sleep for an extra hour, but for the sake of this post, let's not consider this ideal scenario.

Base++: I apply Inglot YSM Foundation using my Makeup Geek brush. Post foundation, my face looks flat, so I apply a little blush. Currently, I am loving the Milani Romantic Rose blush which is an office appropriate matte muted dusty pink shade.
Eyes+: I apply matte neutral eyeshadows (Makeup Geek Latte and Mocha) to give definition to my eyes and may switch out the Chambor Eye Dazzle pencil. A light dusting of the dark color over the crease and a light color on the lid.  
As for my eyebrows, at this point, I may switch out the Maybelline Fashion Brow for a powder like the UD Brow Box.

What kinda of an office makeup wearer are you? 


Currently Loving

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Makeup Geek Custom Palette l $6 each and $13 for the Travel Vault

I have given my shimmery life a break and have settled for mattes. I have been loving my Makeup Geek custom palette that contains 9 everyday, office appropriate shades (matte and satin). Housed inside the Makeup Geek travel vault in the rose-gold shade, this palette is travel-friendly and versatile.
Shades in the palette: Americano, Mango Tango, Bitten, Mocha, Cocoa Bear, Latte, Vintage, Creme Brulee, Cupcake
Review coming soon.

PAC 045 Brush l INR 350

I wanted a fan brush for the longest time. Why are fan brushes out of all the brushes always out of stock on every freaking website? Finally got my hands on these from Amazon. Don't be fooled by the sparingly spread bristles, this brush picks up the right amount of product (ABH That Glow Kit) and diffuses it beautifully.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara l $10 (4 ml)

Sample size mascara that came in the UD On the Run Palette, this is not the best mascara out there, but I have been using it every single day as I don't want this mascara sitting on my vanity for another year. Semi dry consistency, non-waterproof, and easy to remove, but it didn’t wow my naturally flat lashes, though!

Loreal Lipstick in Pure Amaranthe l INR 995

This lipstick is from Loreal's Stars Pure Reds collection and was curated by Chinese actress Gong Li. In spite of the finish being pigmented matte, the lipstick is very lightweight on the lips, and super flattering on the tan skin. Stays on my lips for 5 hours after which the lipstick starts to crumble and settle into my fine lines.

Bath and Body Works 3 Wick Autumn Candle l $22

This 3 wick candle was a part of my huge BBW semi-annual sale haul. A much as I suck at describing scents here is my pathetic attempt: This candle smells like candied apple, slightly sweet with a hint of sourness. The throw and silage of this candle is awesome and the smell fills up my entire bedroom.
Scent description from the BBW website: Bright red apple, cedarwood, and notes of fir balsam.

Elle Magazine l INR 150

Cosmo remains my No:1, my BAE, Elle comes a close second. This month, I have been enjoying reading the magazine which has model Sayani Gupta on the cover. I am less of a fashion enthusiast and more of a beauty junkie, so when I get a magazine, I instantaneously go to the beauty section.

What products are you currently loving?

Life of a Beauty Blogger

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Life ain't easy for a makeup-loving girl in a tier-2 city like Cochin. People and nature (read humidity) conspire against you every single day. You think you are winning the battle by applying all-matte products, but you ain't fooling the humidity.

Managing natural beauty advocates (aunty/uncle/friend/stranger) is a different ball game altogether. From convincing people that makeup does not equate to a boyfriend/husband with a fat paycheck to acting all "I can buy my own makeup" to the occasional crazy "show me where you store your makeup" questions and in between all this, life can be pretty non-waterproof.

My wing does not define who I am nor does my crimson-red lipstick (it's crimson-red, not just any red!). I am a strong independent woman whose only worry apart from the dinner menu is an uneven eyeliner and unblended eyeshadow.

My phone is filled with pictures of multi-colored items in varying lighting, so what!!! I am a RAD beauty blogger in the making. So next time, you come over asking me to help you with your eye shadow, mind you, I can make or break your look.

Of random strangers asking me about products in the market or SAs giving me a ring in the middle of the night, I find quite a pride in my love towards art (Makeup = ART (ie, painting on the face))

You think it's easy to see international bloggers raving about the new Tarte Rainforest collection, but it's not. To go rounds on Facebook to find that friend (I take back my comments on un-friending you, cause we hardly knew each other in college) who is returning to India in 2 months and then convincing them to carry the newly-launched makeup, that my friend is tough !!! and above all, the Customs charging us poor beauty bloggers duty which makes international shopping a scene from the Nightmare on the Elm Street.
Image: Google

We have it tough, we have it hard, not to mess, just for laughs!

Surviving Summers: Part 1

Monday, April 11, 2016

Vishu (Kerala New Year) is another week away and Kerala is already sweating profusely under the scorching Summers. Monsoons that we Keralites used to rave about is reduced to light once-in-a-while showers and is replaced by the dreaded, prolonged Summers. #globalwarming #saynotoclimatechange

Below are some tips to keep your skin safe and sunburn free during the hot hot hot summer months :

1. Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe Vera contains vitamin A (beta-carotene), C and E, which are antioxidants. It also contains vitamin B12, folic acid, and choline. Use Aloe Vera gel to reduce redness and sunburn. I use Aloe Vera gel as a base with any of my face masks post a long day out in the sun.

2. Facial Mist: With the mercury rising, carry Vichy Eau Thermale or Dabur Gulabari Rose Water in your bag. Spritz the facial mist on your face when you feel that your skin is dehydrated and tired. It instantly rehydrates the skin and makes it supple.

3. Sunscreen: Harmful sun rays can cause skin damage and prolonged exposure can lead to skin cancer. Apply generous quantity of sunscreen to keep your skin protected. Re-apply if you are planning to stay out for a long time. Do not forget to apply the sunscreen to your neck and decolletage.

4. Wet Wipes: Use wet wipes if you are out and sweating and need a quick rejuvenating pick-me-up. Use unscented alcohol-free wipes which are better for sensitive skin.

5. Umbrella: Use an umbrella that protects you from the harmful UV radiations when out in the sun.

6. Water: Stay hydrated and carry a small water bottle with you. Skin can lose water and electrolytes through sweating. Ensure to replenish the lost electrolytes in frequent intervals.

Do you have any tips to share? Comment down below.

P.A.C Brushes Review: 385, 284, 335, 014

Monday, April 4, 2016

Social Media introduced me to brands like Makeup Revolution, Morphe, and Colourpop. I am all up for smaller companies and their humble beginnings from Social Media platforms like Instagram. Relatively a newer entrant into the Indian cosmetics market, P.A.C has set the social media genies on fire. I have been hearing tons of good things about this brand so, I decided to purchase a few brushes from their website and put them to test.

Order and Shipping

I placed my order on 29th March. I used PayUmoney to complete the transaction (Credit card, Online Banking, or Debit card can be used) . PayUmoney is an Indianised version of Paypal. The transaction amount will be released to the merchant only after the customer receives the purchased good and there is even a Dispute option like that in Paypal. On placing my order, I didn’t receive any email from the merchant nor was there any email on shipping (Additional INR 40 was charged for shipping). Surprisingly, I received my package on 31st.

You can also buy P.A.C brushes from Amazon or Flipkart.

Each of the brushes come in a plastic zip lock bag, which can be used while travelling. 

Tip: Wash your brushes before use.


  • PAC 385 l INR 383 ($5.5)

 A synthetic flat brush with a tapered end. I use this to apply the eyeshadow on the lower rim.
Alternate Use: Apply inner corner highlight.

  • PAC 284 l INR 563 ($8)

A medium sized black blush brush. This brush is not so soft like the RT brushes, neither is it poky like the Vega brushes.
Alternate Use: Remove powder from your under-eye post baking.
Additional Info: Sheds like craaazy, also the stray hair here and there is annoying.

  • PAC 335 l INR 428 ($6)

A medium-large blush or powder brush. Black and white bristles are densely packed and the brush is extremely soft.
Alternate Use: Apply bronzer or powder.

  • PAC 014 l INR 495 ($7)

Back-up for my MUG and Coastal Scents blending brushes. I haven’t put it to test yet.
Alternate Use: Contour the bridge of your nose.
Additional Info: Bristles are uneven.

P.A.C has a wide variety of brushes for any need and any occasion that too between 300-700 INR range. Overall, I give a (3.5 stars). Do give PAC brushes a try if you are looking for affordable, good quality brushes.

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