Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

From the archives December: All the good work and progress I made over past few months have been undone. I succumbed to temptations and splurged at TBS.
I have been wanting to go there forever, but somehow held back and passed by every time, peeking into their store. 3 months without SALARY, and I kept my essentials to the bare minimum. I was going through a job shift, and most importantly was surviving on my reserve cash. December and the green paper goddess blessed me in abundance, dues were cleared off by my previous employer and the new salary stack made me a happy bunny.
I held on to the self restrain until yesterday, but finally I just gave in....common!!!a girl needs some fun right???
I knew what I wanted, entered the TBS and went shopping like an elephant left loose in a sugarcane field. At the end I payed around 6K, including the membership fee. I walked out of the shop with a heavy paper  bag and a lighter wallet.
So, here goes my TBS haul:

Vitamin E Night cream
Peach Body scrub

Peach Body butter
Born Lippy

Shea shower cream
Night jasmine EDT
As part of membership, I got 300 rupees off on my purchases and a lip roller in cherry free.

Vitamin E cleanser and Hemp foot cream
Whole loot
Later we hit MAX, and me and husband liked a pretty fluorescent highlight birdy top, costing 599 bucks. In the cash counter I asked the cashier if he could redeem my husband's card points. The SA told us that we needn't pay for the top, as my husband has over 1000 points in his account.

I got the dress for FREE!!!wooohooo.....he still has some points left so, I may lure him to go shopping with me again this weekend. If you guys are inner circle member, then it's time to redeem those points. The points get expired by year end. Oh by the way, did I tell you that we are travelling to Pune this weekend to attend my husband's niece's naming ceremony?. It would be our travel trip after 4 months of decaying on the weekends.

It's Heavy!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

A little wedding gift that my friend Malvika gave me. I have not worn it even once cause they are too heavy to be worn for more than 2 hours straight. The earring in encrusted with small faux stones and you can change the color of the bead present inside the bell shaped lower end. You can wear something like this only for a wedding or some important function.

I usually stay off the hangings few days before and after wearing heavy earrings as it tends to sag the ear lobs. Also it's advisable to wear a button in the back to give the earring a little more hold. How do you wear the heavy earring in your box?. Do you wear it often?

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