Products I Love, But Refuse To Use

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I have hoarding tendencies, especially, when it comes to eyeshadow palettes. There is always a new palette that catches my fancy, there is always that limited edition product. The "self-control" struggle is real. Today, I am listing down 5 products that I love with all my heart, but refuse to use for various reasons.

The Original BeautyBlender l $20

I love a good blender sponge, as blending my foundation is the only cardio I am used to. Sponges revolutionized the way makeup is applied and literally, forced brushes out of the market. I have a love-hate relationship with the RT beauty sponge, and my dislike gradually evaporated once I tried the PAC Beauty Blender (*open AMAZON and buy that pink beauty, you will thank me later). I purchased the OG on a whim from BeautyBay, but have never used it in full glory.

Reason: Cleaning. I am perpetually scared of the sponge growing mold. Also, cleaning the sponges can be a bit tricky, especially, getting the soap out of it's inner soul.

NARS Audacious Lipsticks l $32

I own three NARS Audacious lipsticks, they are the best lipstick formula I have tried, opaque in one swipe, creamy, yet, 5+ hours of wear time with greasy/oily food. I can't seem to stop talking about them, and then, they are the least used lipsticks in my collection

Reason: Cost, at 32 Dollars a pop, I have a crazy heart pull each time I take it out of my of the drawer.

ABH Modern Renaissance Palette l $42

The most raved about palette of 2016 is nothing less than a superstar. As much as I love the warm colors, I hardly use them on a day to day basis.

Reason: Most of my office wears clash with the colors and I find them a little too bright for a non-makeup friendly workplace like mine.

ABH Dipbrow Pomade l $18

Brows from the gods, that's the effect this product gives me. The product is an absolute favorite, but I refuse to use it for the following reason!

Reason: Inconvenience. My usual office routine is less than 5 minutes long and to include a product that comes with an additional brush and one that requires a lot of patience is a con.

MAC Painterly Painpot l $ 22

On days when I feel like walking an extra mile, I apply the paintpot as a base for my shadows. This, in turn, increases the longevity and improves the eye shadow vibrancy, as per the textbooks, but I don't use a base whatsoever with my eye shadows!

Reason: I forget! I forget to apply an eye shadow base every freaking time.

So what are the products you love, but refuse to use?

November Favorites

Friday, December 2, 2016

So now that we are officially in the 12th month of 2016, HO!HO!HO! 🎄

I did have an eventful November with the Sephora VIB Sale, Goa Trip and Alapuzha house boat trip all jammed packed into 30 days. Presenting to you, my favorites for November:

I got the Too Faced bronzers as samples and instantly fell in love with the matte bronzy/contoury (makeup experts, pardon me for using the terminologies interchangeably) effect it gave. I had my heart set on the Medium Chocolate Soleil for a subtle effect, but in turn ended up purchasing the darker deeper one. The Chocolate Soleil is cool toned as compared to the Dark Chocolate Soleil that pulls warmer. The powder comes in a whimsical and retro classy packaging with a good sized mirror like every other Too Faced packaging. The bronzer is finely milled and infused with the goodness of cocoa, and added bonus - smells like cocoa too.  

Too Faced much? This again was a sample I received during one of my purchases from the Too Faced website and I absolutely loved the feel of the product on my skin. It has a clear, balmy consistency and goes smoothly on my skin. The product instantly rehydrates the skin and lets the foundation glide on smoothly. The ingredient list is also impressive - Coconut Water, Probiotics, and Skin Revivers. It has a faint coconut smell that might be a problem if you have a sensitive nose. 

I don't plan on using this as a primer as I have quite oily skin, instead, on days when I don’t want the hassle of a full face makeup, I would apply this face primer as a moisturizer by itself. I love it so much so that I ended up buying the full-size product during the VIB Sale.

The blackest eye pencil I have ever tried, even blacker than my soul; this one is a major threat to my favorite Lakme Eyeconic Kajal. Though creamy, it stays put on my very watery-waterline like a needy and clingy girlfriend. You have to sharpen the pencil and hence carrying a sharpener in your vanity bag is a must.

The shade Kathryn is such an amazing warm-pinky brown color that instantly brightens my face. This stays on for 9++ hours. This liquid lipstick would have been perfect if not for the dryness. When I first apply the liquid lipstick, it clings on to all the dry patches on my lips and after few minutes starts to dry out the lips. If you can apply a transparent lip balm in frequent intervals, this shit won’t go anywhere. 

An Indianized version of the Beauty Blender solid cleanser, this affordable dupe cleans the brushes quickly and effectively. I used to use Johnson's baby shampoo, and with this, the cleaning time is significantly reduced. Not a big fan of the smell, though. The product comes in a black box and is effective in removing all the dirt and grime from the brushes. I rinse my brush under running water once and then swirl it over the cleanser bar, finally rinsing it again to ensure there is no residue. I air dry the product along with my brushes. 

So what products are you loving lately?

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