A Shoe Story

Sunday, February 26, 2012

For a girl, there is nothing like too many shoes. Most people invest in good pair of footwear, cause shoe/footwear is one item that fits on all days from your, I-am -so-sexy-for-my-shoes days to I-am-looking-like-a-zombie days. Shoes, unlike clothes fits no matter whether you have gained 2 stones after your sinful vacation or lost few after that diet control. I never knew the importance of footwear up until I started following fashion blogs. I used to stick to my floaters like glue, dressup=floaters, dress down= floaters. They eventually banned floaters in my office, still nothing could or can beat the comfort of floaters. I usually walk a lot to and back from office, so wearing something fancy like kitten heels or stilettos is beyond my shoe-power.

Today, I have all the  basics right (Atleast I like to think so) I own flats, slingbacks, wedge, gladiator, kitten heel, ballerinas, stilettos mostly in blacks and beige. I feel black and beige goes well with almost all outfits. Nothing fancy or commendable, but presenting my small shoes collection.

Shoe rack: Old pic

My foot: Fashos.com

Flats: Metro & Sylcon

Ballerinas: My foot (Fashos.com) & Classy and fabulous shop

Wedge: Joves (Fashos.com)

Slingbacks: Sylcon

Mojis: Rajasthan

Snake skin kitten heels : Delhi, SJ market

Gladiator : Delhi SJ market
Apart from the above I have my floaters (Bata), green slippers(Bata), sportswear shoes (Puma & Addidas).

What I need:

  • Brogue : I remember wearing something like these in my school days, but then fashion backwards like me never thought they would be having such fancy names. Saw a cheap option of the same in Fashos.com for 530 bucks. I am still not sure whether to swipe again though.
Fashos.com: My foot (INR.543)
    • More flats : Cause they are comfortable, easy to walk in and goes well with anything. Eyeing the below Inc.5 flats. I may decide on 'the' one, on my Bangalore trip after visiting their exclusive showroom. 
    Image: Jabong.com, Inc.5 (INR:659)
    Image:Jabong.com, Inc.5 (INR: 750)

    • Golden/silver chunky footwear : The wedding season is here!!!and any wedding is incomplete without a pair of gorgeous silver/golden sandals. I am in hunt for THE perfect one for my wedding, though for the 3/4th of the ceremony one has to be barefooted.

    • Boots : I don't have any use for foots, we don't have a chilly/shivery climate in Bangalore or Cochin, but I like the idea of owning one just for fun of it :P.
    • Pumps/Peeptoes : Who doesn't like pumps, the more the merrier. I steer clear of heel beyond 2.5-3 inches. Time to explore a lil higher. I don't want to spend a fortune on the same and so, I would buy these from The Marie Claire series from Bata or from Catwalk.
    Fashos.com : My foot (INR. 1299)
    Bata: INR:799
    Bata: INR:999

    Bata: INR:1299
    Where to buy in Cochin: Sylcon!!! hands down, Reliance trendz, Mochi. Wouldn't recommend Metro, cause my 1 month old flats are on verge of premature death.

    So, what is your shoe story?. Any tips on where to shop for footwear in Bangalore?.

    On sale + Corporate musings

    Saturday, February 25, 2012

    Unlike last time (You can read it here), I am better equipped to handle last minute packing jitters. I will be off to Bangalore this coming week on work. I have not yet started packing much to the dismay of Daddy dearest. 

    I am going back to the place, where my corporate life began almost after a year. Last  year, this time I was totally unhappy, trying hard to balance work and personal life. The 15-16 hours clocked was taking its toll on my mental health and finally I took the plunge and decided to settle into a role not as glamorous or glorious as before. Today I am satisfied and content, knowing I won't have a high flying career doesn't bother me much cause today I am more at peace with myself, I can easily shut down my system by 6 and reach home at 7, I can have an hour long talk with my team mates on online shopping, my manager is the sweetest lady Iv ever met so are my leads.  My old mates are excited to meet me as much as I am and to think I will be bidding adieu to Cochin in 2 months time has become unacceptable for my lil brain. I will be soon shifting to Bangalore after wedding in same role, but in a different project. The trip takes me to office all 3 days  I get to spend there which is going to be quite jam packed considering multiple client calls, trainings, and KTs. Shopping, movies, dinners I am trying to fit everything into my already full cup.

     Leaving you with images of an earring that I bought on sales from Lifestyle last year. Baffles me on how I haven't worn em even once, they are so so beautiful.

    PS:- I clicked (with phone cam :( ) some pics of my garden, if interested you can view it here.

    'W' obsession (Updated:New images added)

    Tuesday, February 21, 2012

    Following up on my new found obsession for kurthis, I may consider buying few W kurthis from Myntra.com. They are having amazing sales on these otherwise hard on purse Indian wear. I only chose Kurthis between 400-600 range, otherwise the picking gets tougher and tougher. My pick out of the lot:


    This post shouldn't even see the light of the day , but considering the hours I spent swooning over these kurthas/kurthis I guess, they need to find a special space in this blog.

    Pretty lil things

    Sunday, February 19, 2012

    I will never again accompany teenagers for shopping, there I said it!!!.  My brother’s friends are in town, and the girls wanted me to accompany them for some earring shopping. We were so busy hanging around the mall and people watching that it was already 5, and I was pretty sure we wouldn't be able to make it to the usual earring hunting place. So, we hit the nearby shop and the girls ran berserk nearly hitting and kicking all the other shoppers. While girl B was rummaging through the studs section, I poked my head in to see what that was making her cringe in confusion and there I was picking up few teeneg-Y stuffs for myself. Cute fairies, giraffes, teddy bear...shit!!!am I past the age? Well, now that I bought the pretty little things I should stop complaining and start wearing em.

    V-Day special

    Tuesday, February 14, 2012

    Today being V-day, couldn't resist posting these pics from the last of birthday haul. The color RED seems to fit into the whole V-Day mood. Love this lovely red earrings solely due to the craftsmanship. See the small golden leaves and roses?. The stone I am not a big fan of, but I will just let it pass. I did plan to wear this last day but unfortunately the RED-SILVER theme seemed to clash with the gold tone of this earring. Ooh!!! I seem to forget that I did promise to showcase some other earring...aah!!!today being the day of love I forgive myself. I will definitely post the earrings as I promised here.

    With Vday mushiness all around how could Mr. G fall behind. He doesn't leave any chance of sending in flowers to office and embarrassing me in front of my mates (He did it last time too. By the way a single rose flower cost around 50 bucks can you freaking believe it :o). I should stop complaining and start counting my blessings to have got such an adorable rouge in my life. The roses were bought by our common friend and the gift arrived in time by courier. I steered clear of wearing red today, so I wore an off-white salwar kameez to office today. Other than that my day was just Meh!!!!

    Bunch of red roses delivered to office:)

    This gift is oh so close to my heart just cause my guy sucks at writing/drawing/painting. So the hours he must have spent to make this one, makes the gift extra special.

    So, how have your V-Day being?.

    Lame dame!!!

    Sunday, February 12, 2012

    My taste have evolved over years. Nowadays I prefer cotton,silk salwars that being said let me spill the beans..I love hoarding western wear, but in reality I hardly ever wear em. I went shopping with dad, coaxed him into paying my bill :P. So, here goes my latest purchases

    White printed top with kasavu (Golden) border, pink/green golden border shawl

    I loved the broad kasavu (Golden) border. The cotton set cost me rs.500.Pretty reasonable no?

    A better view

    Red/orange printed top with kasavu border, polka dotten bottom and printed/polka dotted/kasavu bordered shawl

    The printed top is nothing great to write home about, but the polka dotted lovliness was too hard to resist. Cost  me rs.700.

    I access a salwar kameez via it's shawl. For the amount payed the shawl has to be gorgeous and I do love my silk shawls so this set was a last minute impulsive puppy dog faced "Dad can I buy it too" buy. Cost me around rs.1000.

    Printed silk shawl, double shaded green/red silk top, red silk bottom

    This Indian terrain jute bag was a steal for rs. 500. I am a sucker for bag so I need not give you a reason so as why I bought this.

    The bag has an internal pouch and an additional jute carry bag within.

    So, I am planning a complete wardrobe makeover before wedding so you will be subjected to lot of my lame posts like this :P. Kindly bear until May :D.

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