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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Image: Canva

I was a late 'MAKEUP' bloomer. I purchased my first lipstick at the age of 22-23. It didn't take me much time to become a full-blown addict. Up until 2017, I had a sizeable makeup collection, mostly from high-end brands. I source my makeup through my relatives and friends who are kind enough to carry the products from Canada or the US.

I started this blog in 2011, to document my love for earrings, and to just pen down my shopping sagas. Over time, this blog evolved into a beauty blog. I focused on writing about things that I loved, with every new release, my collection grew; it was not much of a concern as I used to use almost all the items in rotation. In October 2017, I had to be rushed in for a C-Section, and life turned 180 degrees with a low birth-weight, premature baby. I moved back to my parent's home and was holed up within the four walls of the bedroom for almost about 4 months. I requested my hubby to bring part of my makeup to my maternal home, so I could start focusing on Instagram, to help ease my mind off things. This has been the worst decision ever! My house is in a low-lying area and coupled with the high humidity and continuous rainfalls, my makeup collection was badly affected by fungus. I had to purge a ton of stuff, including Urban Decay Naked 1 palette, MUFE lipsticks, and shit loads of eyeshadow palettes. I felt an overwhelming sense of loss as I was purging my makeup. I just have like few items left in my collection, which I shifted to my flat in Chennai.

Surprising enough, I hardly got excited about the Sephora VIB appreciation Sale, even with my friends offering me to bring my items. At this juncture, I would not purchase any more makeup, unless it's a repeat. The makeup world is saturated, and none of the new releases have caught my fancy. I just purchased a few hair care, and skincare items that I wanted to try for long.

I unsubscribed from a lot of big beauty influencers and their YouTube beauty channels. These channels are more about drama and less about beauty. The beauty influencer space is so full of drama that I can hardly keep up.

I blog because I love makeup, probably one of the reasons why I am not consistent. I write 5 days a week, which is part of my work profile, and by Saturday, I just want to escape from it all and I am hardly in a mental space to write. I want to spend more time with my little one, and less time online. The above statement had me deleting my Instagram account from my phone. I love scrolling through Instagram and I was getting distracted unnecessarily. Now that I have Instagram only on my iPad, I  can use it once a week to post the content I want. I am not here for the rat race, I am here, to escape from my daily life, I love flatlays, beautiful pictures, and talking about things I love, supporting people I trust.

Probably you will see me post less (not that I am doing any better now). I don't want to hate blogging. I just want it to be an extension of my personality. I am not sure if I would blog about makeup all that much, but I will be around to see how the community is shaping up. I will always extend my support to genuine influencers, who put in all the hard work and are passionate about what they do.

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