A Finnish Gift :)

Friday, September 30, 2011

There is not even a single soul on this planet Earth who doesn't love receiving gifts. I love giving and receiving gifts and people who know me make it a point to gift what I love the most :EARRINGS:) not that I am complaining. Again most of my friends know my choice of earrings, and it makes it easier for me to receive the gifts with a beaming face.

Being my balcony mate at Amrita, Anu used to make occasional visits to my room to scavenge through my earring box. When we met last day after a year's gap, we acted like two 16  year old, sharing secrets ear to ear, giggling uncontrollably, commenting on good looking guys......She trusted a small pack into my hands and told me that it's a small gift from her. I tucked in the packet into the deepest pockets of my bag .Should have sensed it then and there what the gift was but, the excitement of meeting her after loong time occupied 3/4th of my brain. Back home as I opened my gift my jaws dropped "FEATHER EARRINGS and that too with TURQUOISE"...I wanted to own one for quite some time,and was planning to even buy one online from ASOS (All thanks to my Mastreo card I couldn't). How could she read my mind? .Well, it's one gift you guys are going to see quite a lot off. What makes my gift special is the fact that the earrings are from FINLAND. Anu was on a scholarship to Aalto university for a year. So, presenting before you my first piece of FOREIGN jewelery :).My own pair of turquoise+ silver feather earrings.

PS: The picture is misleading, the earring is just a simple feather,no layered jewelery. The pic infact shows the pair.

3 Stars

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I am in a phase where the only thing that comes out of my creative brain after a gruesome 14 hours at work is : SLEEP. I have so many  stuffs to post about, right up here (Pointing to my head) but, it just doesn't seem to work out. So, a quicky random post with minimum ramblings. I was in this shop to buy Colossal kajal, and the moment the sales guy asked me if there is anything else I would like to check out, I gave him my tried and repeated answer "YES!EARRINGS". They had a small but, fair enough collection and the 3 star (:P) earrings came back home with me. Sometimes I take hours to select the right earrings,  but times like this I hardly need more than 5 minutes to decide. I already have my majority of the collection being hijacked by BLACK+SILVER combo but, that didn't deter me from buying this beauty. Okie done with the ramblings now, treat your eyes to my latest buy.

Introducing Malvika and her FAB earrings

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Introducing Malvika Manoj who was previously featured here and here. Stylish person she is, she owns a small but enviable collection of earrings. During our usual office communicator chat, she mentioned on how she fell in love with the earrings the moment she saw em in MAX store. "You will for sure like em" she added. I immediately asked her to send me the pics and here they are.

We have a similar yet contrasting taste as far as earrings are concerned . Mostly she prefers her No-fuzz minimalistic style and I am more of a chunky-funky type. The difference in choice of "To wear" types never manages to make us disagree on the earring as a separate entity. Whether it look good on us is a different thing but, finally we end up concluding the same thing. 

The above one is a daily wear, no fuzz type and can be worn with a simple kuta-jeans or western wear. 

More of my type, beads and black. What not to love. Now, the structure of earring is different and wearing em can be tricky. The above earrings doesn't suit everyone. If you have the right pinne shape to boast of well, you don't have to worry.... just wear and let the pair do the talking.

It's time to let go

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I totally gave up on both my  blogs for a whole week. I didn't think I had the stamina to write or even post pics after my heavy duty writing/work load last week. This  week in not going to be any better either :(.
Now for some earrings update
  • I lost an earring.
  • I bought a new earring.
  • My friend came all the way from Bangalore to borrow some earrings. She did find one to match her anarkali perfectly.
  • I broke a favorite earring:(
  • Time to let go of an old earring.
  • My friend sent few of her earrings pics to be featured in this blog.

Have you ever have held something so close that you just refuse to part with em even after people all around telling you to let go?. Well, I have and being emotionally attached to my earring I found it extremely difficult to part with them. The subject of this post are some 5 year old earrings. They are nearly unwearable as some of the stones are missing. No matter however I try to stick em back, the procedure simply fails and the stones comes off again. They have also lost their sheen and finally after much drama I decided "IT WAS TIME TO LET GO".  I have carefully wrapped em up in a plastic bag and they may end up in dumpster any day.

Statement Jewelery

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Had this writeup ready and BOOM, my lap crashes .Now I have to go through this again from scratch.

Predominantly an earring blog, I thought would change that up a wee bit.I am not an accessories person ( Don't roll your eyes, except for EARRINGS offcourse ) but,I do have a small collection of statement neck pieces. They rarely see light of the day and times when my outfit looks boring and bare I have no other option other than to turn to them for help.
 Statement pieces never go out of style and are sure to turn a few heads. There are some essential Do's and DONT's to be followed while wearing you favorite statement neck piece/earrings/cuffs.

  • Don't kill the look. Wear one at a time, either a single cuff or a single statement neck piece. Too much of statement pieces will attract the wrong king of attention.
  • Keep the outfit fuss free. Too much prints or loud work will never work with statement pieces. Your statement piece will merge with the outfit thereby, leaving the observer confused on whether to concentrate on your outfit or you statement piece.
  • Statement jewelery can such an eyesore if not worn appropriately .

The above statement piece is from MAX . Yellow+purple+red is the right combination to pep up any outfit. The color may turn out to be restrictive as the neck peice doesn't go well with some outfit colors.

The tribal neck piece can be worn with a kurta or salwar. Tribal neck pieces are like timeless classics and they go well with almost everything.

My favorite :).Turquoise+silver= What not to love?.

Beauty of a charm. I am a big fan of charms and this is one of those buys that I don't regret. Though the Eiffel tower is a lil heavy the charms perfectly compliments both western and eastern outfits.

Thrifted from Bangalore. It was love at first sight.

A flower brooch multi pearl strands. A gift from my friend cum colleague. Was pestering my boyfriend for something like this while he was in Mumbai ,he refused to buldge . My friend was there with me when whole conversation happened. For my birthday she gifted me this lovely neck peiece , the moment I showed it to mom, she wanted a strand of pearl too ( the strands are detachable so is the brooch). 

 Last but not the least "tree of life" xtra- length pendant and chain bought for less than 100 bucks. I saw similar ones on ETSY and paying 300+ for something like this was unimaginable so, I just decided that I have to go without. My patience paid off and one day while window shopping I found the beauty for under 100 bucks.

A shopping spree

Friday, September 2, 2011

Went on a shopping spree with my team mates. Being a girls only team is a boon in disguise, endless chit chats on guys, food,fashion and no one complains. Shopping sprees for the month of September is extremely dangerous considering the fact that ONAM is fast approaching and being my special onam it is this time, people expect me to do what all other keralites do in this season:Buy new dresses for the whole family. This shopping spree of mine was sponsored by Mr. Would be :). Well, my shopping haul will be featured in another post. For now feast your eyes on this gorgeous earrings.

Love the orange and white combination, goes well with browns too :)

By this time you must have understood that I am a beads person :). I love beads and anything that gives my earrings an extra swing.

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