Kohl lined

Monday, October 31, 2011

I am miffed with my Maybelline colossal kajal, got them 2 months back and have been religiously applying them from the day one. Considering the fact that, I hardly had to spend 150 bucks for smudge free, dark kohled eyes I shouldn't be complaining still,....

So, here is my problem, the kajal is no smudge proof "proof" ....like it can't stand my teary eyes (no I don't shed acid), nor can it stand 4 hours of  staring at computer screen. Leave it, atleast it doesn't give me panda eyes like Revlon. So, what exactly is my problem?.If you did have you shouldn't be having another spare one in your bag, that goes on to prove that you love this Kajal.

So,here goes the final straw of argument: Kajal tip BREAKS!!! I mean agreed that it's all cheap and stuff but I expect my product to stay until its demise but, colossal kajal has been breaking quite frequently now that the last half is in use. Have anyone noticed the same?Is it because of the extra force I use while applying them? or is it the humidity that has to be blamed?.

To ease my turmoil, lets shift our focus to the gorgeous pair of earrings I bought from Ginger ( Lifestyle) .

Shopping spree:)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Retail therapy is the best anti depressant, have a dose of it each week to stay happy and smiling through out the week. Been long since I had gone out with friends and yesterday when Lak suggested that we go out and soak in some fresh air I was all out and supportive of it. Being broke doesn't matter, only greed does and mine has a strong grip over my senses:). We walked, went inside stores with absolutely no intention of  buying anything, saw the price tags and gave an eye rolling sigh and walked out. Sometimes, greed got better of us and we did end up buying which we hadn't planned to, sticking by the list never applies to my rule book. By the end of the day both of us were tired, hungry and trying to balance multi million paper bags. It was all worth it, all of it right from walking from TDM, to convent and then to MG road, entering random shops and making complete fool of ourselves, spending hours in Goodwill. We should be doing this frequently:).

So, this is what I bought.

1 salwar material( Sorry no pics as I had to give for stitching)

A haul at Goodwill.

My goody bag

Lets see what's inside:) .

 OOOh!! another packet....

  • Studded belt

  • 6 purple  bangles, which I plan to mix and match

  •  An earring (Quite obvious)

  •  A tribal neck piece: Did u see the girl on the magazine?. She is wearing exactly the same neck piece. I saw the new VANITHA mag, early in the morning, throughout had eyes on this gorgeous piece  but never expected to find em but, when I did I just had to get it . Talk about being an impulsive buyer I am.

A skinny jeans from Jealous 21. For now the jeans gods are happy and satisfied, until I come across another shade that takes my heart away. Yeah saw a cute way of tying the belt in the store. Use your scarfs girls be innovative, tie it as a belt.


Time for me to go get some good sleep, until next time tata bubye :). And ya ZARA is opening it's store in Bangalore at Phoenix  Market city mall :). Happy girl I am.

Family heirloom

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It was a BIG day for me, my fiancee and his family came in to visit me today. So, it's official I am leaving the singles club soon. G's grandma handed me a small packet and said "Not from goodwill, but with lot of Goodwill". People who know me might also be knowing that GOODWILL is one of my favorite places to shop earrings from.

AAh!!! she gifted me a gold earring, ornated with semi precious stones. The earring is a part of their family heirloom and it's simply gorgeous. Even my whole family commented on how gorgeous it looked. Traditional jewelery can never go out of style and off course the love with which she has handed me the earrings makes this gift special.

Wish List part-1

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Inspired by Swarnali, I have decided to pen down my own wish list :). My wish list includes items, brands that I could or couldn't afford. I may not even dare to wear some of the stuff shown but, that ain't gonna deter me from 'WISHING'. After all, its just a 'WISH' list.


3 wardrobe staples?
  • Blue  Jeans 
  • White shirt
  • LBD
Well, I do own 6 pairs of jeans but,  I do not own the second and third item in the list. So, after some futile search I  found my perfect white shirt and LD . I purposefully omitted out the B cause, I am a colour person and I cannot stay away from my blues, yellows, corals for long :)


Puff sleeves: I have this problem with any shirt ,they make my shoulders look weird and as a result I don't not own any basic white shirt. I think the puff sleeve would make my shoulders look natural.


Basic: No fuzz, white shirt.


Black: Sexy and feminine at the same time, basic black shirt is something that can be transformed to day and night look with some accessorizing.


Ruffles: The dress is devoid of any colours but, would tilt the attention away from my problematic ares.

Lace: Sexy and feminine at the same time.

Bow: I am a girly girl deep in my heart and cute little bows makes my heart flutter.

Lace Again: I may not have a toned shoulders to carry of this tube dress, but gotta agree that the dress is pretty. Also, the dress is giving me a wedding outfit feel and I can see a contemporary bride rock this dress.

LBD: The perfect LBD, complete with a belt.


Pencil skirts: For someone like me, with slender legs the pencil skirt would give an illusion of height.



 Bags: I have been wanting an office wear bag for so long. Bags that I get to see are either fake leather or non- classy. My pick for the perfect office bag.






Shoes : For someone who is comfortable in floaters I can paint a stark contrast of myself. I already have all essentials in my shoe rack. What you are going to see is something I would never wear in real life cause I cannot balance my heels for starters:P.

Pumps: The heel is already giving me a head spin. Nevertheless, I love them for sheer feminism and sexiness.:)

 Ballerina: This is something I would wear, comfortable for that long day of running errands.


Wedges: I don't own one personally, but have heard people say that they are perfect substitute for the sky rocket heeled pumps.


 Pink+ Velvet : The wedge had me at the color. Pink???? .



I recently bought a hair band with cute flowers, it's sitting safe in my wardrobe but, that ain't gonna deter me from wishing for this cute hairband

A scarf can add a zing to the plain old outfit, so my pick would be a leopard printed and polka printed scarfs. Give me one of these and I would be a happy girl, until my next wish list .



On my recent trip to Delhi, one of the things I was planning to buy were broad and thin belts.  I couldn't come across any and right now they are still on hold. Much like the scarves a belt can jazz up your outfit, my problem with the belt is that I can't determine where to tie them oer my dress. Sometimes they sit awkwardly on my hips, sometimes they make my lower part look bulgy. Whatever it is I have not given upon finding belts. The first two are my picks for a broad belt and the third for thin belt.


I own a pair of aviators, but there are outfits that demands a more feminine eye wear. So these are my pics for retro/over sized/ classy eye gear.



Have been eyeing W Kurtis for some time now. My main concern is "should I pay 1000+ for a kurti that I could get stitched for half the price". Well, gotta agree that W kurti stands out in a crowd. W spells classiness, sophistication and chic attitude.

Mantra , a local boutique in Cochin has some amazing collection of Kurtis, salwars and sarees.

A harem dhoti pant has been in my wish list for so long, until I lay my hands on one, they stay.


I love my eye makeup, and Lakme nine-five is my latest crush. I own them in smoky grey and black. For now, brown and deep purple gets added to my wish list .


A basic watch is in my wish list for so long.


So, here goes my wish list part-1 . You might be rolling your eyes are cursing "part -2?". Yes my dears, a part 2 is on my mind. Haven't you heard never to ask a  girl her wish list?. It's like opening a Pandora's box :P. So, until next time chow!!

Gold and Silver

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I am a crazy traditionalist when it comes to mixing Gold's and Silver's. I like my Gold and silver stacked separately but, I was vying for some change and a break from monotony. On a regular Saturday morning, for a small shopping spree with dad I stacked a few gold and silver bangles together. They didn't seem all that bad and neither did the silver clash with the slight gold tone of my dress.

As for the earring, my obsession with feathers continue. After Anu's gift, I  had decided that I wouldn't invest on another pair so soon. Destiny had some different plans for me and I met these beauties in my new find: A small boutique stuffed with exquisite accessories.

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