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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Rules.

Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.

Rule#2: Every person tagged should tell 11 things about themselves, answer the 11 questions asked by the one that tagged you, tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.

Rule#3: Let the people whom you tagged know you've done so.

Rule#4: Don't tag anyone who's been tagged before.

Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others, don't go all ''if you want to take this tag''.

11 things about you:

  1. I am a drab dresser in real life...floaters, kurtas and mismatched outfits...
  2. I was a member of school and college drama team, so I am quite soapy and dramebaazz in real life :P
  3. I love love the color YELLOW!!! even my bedroom wall is painted in yellow...
  4. My favorite hairstyle is: BUN. My friends and mates do complain that I look like an old grandma, but to beat the heat and to tame the frizzy hair BUN it is:)
  5. If there is one alteration I could make on my body, it gotta be replacing my neck. I have serious neck problems. I am otherwise happy with my flabby body...
  6. What do people wear on their face at night?. Did you say night cream/moisturiser??. Well, I apply Amritanjan on my face....I smear it on my face like moisturiser.....weird?...I know
  7.  I am an Mtech dropout, just couldn't bear the pressure of technical education for more than a year.
  8. I love love Baskin Robin's BANANA AND STRAWBERRY icecream...
  9.  I have streaked hair, which once I vowed never to color.
  10. I always have under 500 in my account during the last week of a month. Yes I am employed for more than 2 years now...
  11. I used to play violin when I was in school...
Swarnali's questions:

1) Why and what made you start blogging?
To express...to pen down my feeling, which normally I wouldn't have the guts to speak in real life.I have created a mirror image....

2) Did you meet any of your fellow bloggers?? How was the experience?
Nop...not yet...I do hope I can meet some of my favorite bloggers some day...

3) Is there any regular regimen that you follow religiously? What is it?
Brush and bath regularly :P

4) What is your favorite dish?
Mom's Morukari ( Curd+coconut)

5) What do you like about my blog? (assuming you read it :P)
I love how you touch upon topics that a normal person like me would relate too...no fancy words, no big brands, but straight forward words that pierce through once conciseness...

6) Do you think I should add something or remove anything from my blog? What is it?
Love the way it is now....

7) What is your favorite pastime?
reading blogs, mags...pretty much reading all useless stuffs :P

8) What is your favorite book,favorite movie and your favorite song? (ow thats 3 questions actually :P)
Book:2010 space odyssey:Arthur C Clarke
Movie: Dil chahtha hai
Song:Ghumsum ho kyom (Shaan)

9) Who is the most inspiring person in your life?
My grandma, she had the guts to go against the male dominated patriarch system and get her graduation degree from Tata Institute of Medical Sciences

 10) Has there been any drastic change in you in the past 5-10 years? If yes,what is it?
Yes...a lot...the way I dress, the diplomatic approach that I have embraced, the way I don't react to negative energies trying to consume my peace...

11) Who is/are your favorite blogger(s)?
I love reading beingFab from Shocks and Shoes ,Hippie holly and simple sally (I envy their jewellery collection), you off course...

beingFab's questions

1. What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?
"I love you" by my then BF and now soon-to-be-husby 
2. What is the one thing you admire the most about yourself?
How family oriented I am 
3. What do you think is the biggest plus of blogging?
Being inspired.... 
4. What is the biggest minus of blogging?
lot's of blogs to read and so little time....:( 
5. What is the one fashion item you will not mind spending on?
A good fitting pair of jeans 
6. Quick one: Tea or Coffee?
I am a tea girl 
7. Which is the best part of your day?
Saying my prayers and going to sleep 
8. What is the last movie you’ve watched?
Spanish masala 
9. What is the weirdest thing you’ve done, fashion/beauty wise?
applied oats on my face....my mom believed that it would remove my tan...well let me tell you it didn't 
10. Do you read my blog? If you do, what is the one thing you like about it?
Can I repeat the answer?. Yours is the first blog I commented cause you came across as a warm and friendly person.... 
11. Part II to above – what is the one thing you’d like me to change in my blog?
Post regularly....so that I can read and get inspired at a higher frequency...I know it's difficult with cub around...still...

Emm's questions

1)One Addiction:

2)Your favourite actor is?
Aamir Khan, Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt

3)Have you tried touching your nose with your tongue?
 yes...my BF dares me to do it every time (That's cause he can !!!!)

4)Would you be ready to wake up at 6 in the morning everyday?If yes, then what do you expect in return?
I mean are you sure about this...no matter what I can't get up before 7!!!I will give you dairy milk if you won't wake me up before 7...how about that....
5)One thing you wish you had?
Power to go back in time....
6)Last movie that you liked was?
 Spanish masala...a 150 rupees ticket to Spain...

7)One thing very few people know about you?
I fight a lot with my close ones...
8)One brand that you wish would go on sale?
 Zara..should go on a 80% sale or something, then I can buy anything I like....
9)Ideal birthday gift for you would be?(No, I won't be gifting!)
Take me to a good restaurant...needn't be high five one, but the food should be suppaaa yummy....

10)What makes you want to keep blogging?
 Need to flush out the toxins from my mind....

11)What did you eat day before yesterday in dinner? :P
Rice and chicken gravy

Namita's questions

1) Do you believe in love at first sight?
YES!!!, that's how I fell in love with Mr. G...saw him in the bus stop and there we go...I don't want to repeat the story 
2) Being friends after break up? OKAY with it?
Yes, but don't think it works... 
3) Who is that one person who is always there for you? :)
4) Your best feature? :)
Some say HAIR, some say DIMPLES...mmm...I will go with Dimples 
5) That one product you swear by? :D
Dove deo...it's so mild on the skin unlike other alcohol full-stingy perfumes 
6) Would you ever want a time machine? Wanna go back and change things, or are you happy the way life has been? :)
I wanna go back in time and mend the damage I have caused... 
7) How do you handle stress?
Write !!! 
8) If you had to give up one for life, what would it be? Lipsticks/Lipglosses or Kohl/EyeLiner/Mascara? :D
Lipstick...can live without em.... 
9) Do you prefer breaking noses by punching in the face, or breaking bones by running a road roller over the one you absolutely hate? 8)
punching in the face seems a lot more fun!!!
10) Do you trust people easily? Why? Why not? Explain. *7 marker question this is 8)*
Yes...I easily let my guards off....I am unable to explain this rare phenomenon... 
11) What is that beauty trend you simply cannot understand and make sense of? :P
Red lipstick...I hate em cause it doesn't suit moi
My 11 questions 
High street brands ya Street shopping
  1. Lemon tea ya Ginger tea
  2. Lady gaga ya Rihanna
  3. Lyrics ya Music
  4. Earrings ya Statement neck pieces
  5. Madrid ya Athens:Favorite holiday destination ( I am not giving you much choices right?
  6.  Diamond ya platinum
  7. Pink ya Black
  8. Sweet ya Sour
  9. Summer ya Winter 
  10. Blackberry ya IPhone
As for tagging 11 people, Should I??. Everyone and anyone I know from blogosphere has done this tag. So, please feel free and tag yourself if you are interested....

On my mind right now :)


Friday, March 16, 2012

Love this delicate earring, which is almost 2 year old. This earring was gifted by SIXERS on my birthday. Well, for those of you confused about the term let me clarify that SIXERS was the name of our gang during the post graduation days. Today 6 of us are in different cities, following our dreams. We do try to keep in touch over mails and texts, but nothing can be compared to the midnight fun we had at hostel.

Coming back to earring, though adorned with stones, the earring is not heavy. You can either pair em up with a LD or with a dark toned silk salwar kameez.

This post is dedicated to my PG friends.

Can you spot the nerdy me?:P

Pure Lust

Monday, March 12, 2012

Thank you dear friend. You have done more than enough damage. I will be dreaming just about you tonight wishing if you were mine. I sound so desperate no?

Saw this snake skin clutch in an online shopping portal called www.pepperfry.com in Sales section. Instant love it was and the cost, Rs. 719 (YES YES!!!!  seven one nine) made the love all the more deep. By then I was back to reality and one look at my dwindling account balance forced me to rethink the whole idea of buying them on an impulse in the first place. Two shades: Brown and Green are available. I didn't notice the sling attached for green clutch , but for the brown one golden link sling is visible.

I am not a clutch person, the chunky clutch looks good in a fashion post , but in reality these clutches can't even hold basic necessities like a mobile or an umbrella. I was eyeing for an envelope clutch for the longest time, but then practicality of the same forces me to rethink on investing on one.

So, how will I wear this?. May be with a plain white flowy top and blue jeans, so that the delish color of the clutch stands out or may be as a part of color blocking ensemble.

If you are unlike me, enjoying a hefty bank balance and can afford to buy a 719 rs worth clutch then, hope on to the link and indulge.

Disclaimer : Im in no way associated with the site aforementioned. Just a crazy shopaholic, trying to bring in some alternate cheap options to lovely fellow bloggers.

Bangalore travelogue

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So, you must have realized by now that I was away for a few days last week. I packed my bags, and travelled all the to Bengaluru to attend a training/seminar. I never expected to be received with open arms, the city had changed here and there from last time I saw it and it was hard to believe that almost 10 months had passed since I packed my bags and bid adieu to corporate life in Bangalore.

I packed official wears (Kurthas+leggings) and casual wears for evening parties.I picked up flats and heels, took necessary makeup and laptop. The journey to Bengaluru was eventful all thanks to my mom who nearly made me sweat by being late in bringing my laptop to the bus station. The 12 hour torturous journey didn't give me enough room to catch a quick nap as I had to report at office at 8:30. In my worst avatar I landed up for the meeting. Until 5:45 I was waggling my tongue and typing away in the laptop. Before I could go back to the dorm and change, I was greeted by you-know-who at the campus. We went in to select the cards for the wedding, and by that time V was going on ringing the phone. Went in for a dinner wearing my same old boring kurta and returned back to guest house to catch some sleep.

Friday was no good either, I was greeted by Mosterlillaz at work and then before I woke up (Qick nap between all the corporate drama)  it was already time to pack up for the day. Out we went for dinner again and this time wearing the same kurta I wore to office.

Saturday after my work I was quite determined to dress differently for a visit to in laws place. I quickly changed to something really comfy for an evening of food, fun and fight. Meantime I went n for some quick shopping at Central mall belandur, Oasis mall Koramangala and picked up some lovelies.

Statement jewelery from Lifestyle

Multistrand chain from MAX

Feather chain from Central

Inc.5 flats

Inc. 5 flats

Sunday was spend watching film, catching up with old friends and gorging on good food.

I so wanted to do an outfit post, considering the fact that I spent considerably lil time dressing up. I didn't click any pics except for these two (:Sunday look  + One casual Saturday look after office). Do lemme know what you think:
I recreated the look yesterday

Fashion News and Trends from Femina.in - Read the Latest Fashion News

Monday, March 5, 2012

I am no good with giving fashion advices and trend alerts so, I decided to bring in some professional help and help you guys with your accessory selection. This is an article that I found in Femina, which according to my own trial and error evolving style holds true.

Fashion News and Trends from Femina.in - Read the Latest Fashion News

When it comes to accessories, big and bold is the way to go. Kavya Kolli gives you the low-down on working this season's statement jewellery pieces

Shagun Nagi, 19, mass media student
Jewellery: Oversized earrings

"These oversized earrings aren't too overpowering, and I can actually wear them often."

The style for you
- If your face is oval-shaped, most styles will suit you.
- If your face is round, avoid anything circular in shape. Choose something that creates the illusion of an angle, such as long earrings in geometric patterns.
- Avoid wearing jewellery around the neck; it will only clash with the earrings.
- Pick a colour from one present in your earrings and choose a dress in the same colour.
- Show off your earrings with a hairstyle that pulls your hair away from your face.

Amrit Sandhu, 23, mass media graduate and model
Jewellery: Statement neckpiece

"I've heard of charm bracelets, but this is the first time I've seen a charm necklace. The watch charms give the necklace such an interesting and unusual look."

The style for you
- A statement neckpiece is something that will grab attention with its distinctive style.
- When wearing any statement piece, keep the rest of your accessories to a bare minimum.
- Choose accessories that reflect your personal style but still have a fun, interesting element.
- Let the neckpiece be the main focus of your outfit. Choose a top or dress that complements the neckpiece and isn't too overwhelming.
- Bib collars are really in, and are guaranteed to transform your ensemble from boring to chic. But if you truly wish to stand out, go for something like a unique charm neckpiece with lots of charms attached. A lace dress will perfectly complement the neckpiece by giving it a vintage, tea party look.

Priyanka Setia, 24, theatre actor and model
Jewellery: Hair ornament, waist chain

"This is a great way to pair an ethnic accessory with a contemporary outfit."

The style for you
- Wearing a hair ornament is tricky, especially if it's a statement piece with an unusual design.
- For starters, the placement of the ornament has to be just right. Such ornaments look best placed on one side, either with a simple ponytail or a bun. If you want to leave your hair open, give the top some height and pin it on the side.
- Glam up your outfit by adding a waist chain to it. You can experiment with ones in antique silver or any other metal.
- Pair the waist chain with high waist pants or skirts. Alternatively, you can wear it with jeans too.

Article: Femina.
PS:- I do not own the content or the pictures, which belongs to the Femina magazine.

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